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Gmail Update

I was finally able to log in around 4:30 this afternoon, but showed no new messages since midnight last night. A few hours later, my missing mail from today started showing up. I guess I just have to trust that none of my email disappeared into a black hole. Could be worse, though. Some folks are still reporting that they’re locked out.

I hope Google gives us an idea of what actually happened on their end, and approximately how many people were affected. I’m just curious like that.

Gmail Woes

Apparently, I’m a member of the small sub-set of Gmail users who haven’t been able to access their accounts today. I actually started noticing problems last night and realized I had received far fewer emails yesterday than usual. I wasn’t able to log in before going to bed, and haven’t been able to log in since.

When I switched to Gmail last year, I knew there was the possibility of occasional outages, but I never really expected a 12+ hour problem from Google. Maybe it’s time to go back to my local mail program.


Nike+iPod USB InterfaceThe clever folks over at Spark Fun Electronics have developed a small interface that connects the Nike+iPod receiver to your computer’s USB port. They claim this allows users to detect any Nike+iPod sensors that are within range. This idea was first discussed in the recent University of Washington research warning of Nike+iPod security concerns (you may have seen one of the 1,330,000 alarming news stories about it). Continue Reading »

Gizmodo posted a short item today suggesting that an iPod firmware update is coming soon which would enable the “Cover Flow” view of album art, similar to the feature currently in iTunes. No word on whether the update will only apply to the 5th Gen iPod with video, or if the current nanos will also get this feature. Gizmodo also says that no iPod hardware updates are expected before the release of Apple’s upcoming iPhone (June). A touch-screen version of Cover Flow was previewed on the iPhone. Continue Reading »

Lake Wobegon Podcast

Another great public radio podcast comes to iTunes: A Prairie Home Companion’s News From Lake Wobegon. It’s not the entire Prairie Home Companion radio show, just the seventeen-minute-or-so News From Lake Wobegon monologue that Garrison Keillor delivers during each broadcast. And that’s just fine by me. Most of the time I can do without the old-timey hymns, goofy skits, and “funny” sound effects of A Prairie Home Companion… it’s really the News From Lake Wobegon that keeps me tuning in week after week. Keillor keeps the art of storytelling alive with these sometimes satirical, sometimes sentimental stories of life in his fictional, small American town. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste, but I’ve been a listener for so long I wouldn’t know anymore.

iPod nanoFor those of you who have been eyeing the Nike+iPod Sport Kit but couldn’t justify buying all the other stuff that goes with it, today might be your lucky day. Smalldog Electronics is offering a sweet deal through Dealmac which includes everything you’ll need to get started: A first-generation 1GB iPod nano, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, and a Marware Sensor Pouch for your shoe… all for $119 plus $9 shipping. If you’re not familiar with Smalldog, they’re a highly-regarded authorized Apple reseller, not some fly-by-night outfit, so you can get in on this deal with confidence. As of this writing there are 69 units in stock, so if you’re interested you’d better act fast. The deal expires at midnight, or when they sell out, whichever comes first.

Beth Runs!

I’m a sucker for an inspirational running blog, especially when the writer is a Nike+iPod enthusiast. If you think marathons are only for elite runners, and are out of the reach of “regular” people, Beth Runs! proves otherwise. The blog follows Beth from her initial decision to run a marathon, through her training, injuries, setbacks, more training, and ultimately to the completion of her first marathon (on her 42nd birthday) just 10 months later. It’s a great reminder of what we can achieve if we’re focused on a goal. Because of Beth, I’m seriously considering signing up for the San Francisco Marathon this year.

My tooth has calmed down a bit today. I’m able to get the pain under control with Advil, and it seems to be fading as the hours go by. The endodontist took some x-rays and said nothing looks out of the ordinary, so we’re going to wait a few days before making decision about the root canal. I have antibiotics to take in the meantime. I’m ready for this to be over.

Just prior to Macworld this year, I wrote that my one wish was for Apple to release a version of iTunes that supports tags — a la Flicker and Technorati — as a way to categorize and sort music. As far as I’m concerned, “genre” just doesn’t cut it any more. Yesterday, Lifehacker took up the cause. The comments on their post provide several ideas for getting tag-like functionality out of the current version of iTunes, but I’m afraid they all fall pretty short of the ideal solution. Continue Reading »

Lots of iPod worship today over at 10 Zen Monkeys. Steven Levy, author of The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness, is interviewed by RU Sirius. Continue Reading »

Blogging on Vicodin

…or “When Good Teeth Go Bad.”

I have a temporary crown on a bottom left molar. Yesterday it started throbbing. By 2 a.m. it was a red-hot icepick jabbed into my jaw. You know the scene in “Castaway” where Tom Hanks bashes his tooth out with a rock? I was fantasizing about doing that. Handfuls of Advil didn’t help. Tylenol PM finally knocked me out. Today I have Vicodin. Tomorrow, root canal.

BeatlesAs much as I dislike linking to an article on Foxnews.com, it’s only fair when they come up with a good iTunes scoop. Reporter Roger Friedman claims Apple Corps executive Neil Aspinall confirmed to him that the Beatles core catalog has been remastered and is ready to release via online music stores.

“All 13 core albums, the ones originally released on CD in 1987, have been remastered,” Aspinall told me. “At some point they will all be released, probably at the same time.”

Continue Reading »

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