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Well, of course I bought one. I went to the Bay Street Apple Store in Emeryville (who are we kidding… it’s Oakland) Friday night. Even though there’s an AT&T Store practically across the street, and the line was much shorter, I somehow suspected the atmosphere wouldn’t be quite as festive there. Turns out I made the right choice. About fifteen minutes after getting in line, a group of people walked over to join us because the AT&T store had already run out of 8gb phones. It was around 6:45. The line moved quickly. A chilly wind blew in from the Bay, but the crowd was upbeat. I watched as people emerged from the store carrying their black iPhone bags. There was a look of bewildered euphoria on their faces. Continue Reading »

Timex iControl watch for iPod

I hate to throw out another iPod watch rumor while we’re still waiting for the Nike+iPod watches to hit the street, but it looks like Timex might be getting into the game according to a PowerPoint presentation recently sent to sporting goods distributors. Information is pretty sketchy at this point, but the i-Control is a Timex Ironman sports watch with additional buttons that can control an iPod’s basic functions: Play/Pause, volume, and track up/down. There’s no mention of a dongle or receiver for the iPod, or which iPods will be compatible. There’s also no indication that the Timex watch would be compatible with the Nike+iPod system. The watch comes in one unisex style and three colors. Scheduled for release in October 2007, the i-Control has a suggested retail price of $120. Continue Reading »

Podophile’s Back


Yeah, I know it’s been nearly forever since my last post. Totally not intentional… just the way things work out sometimes. Let’s just say that I’ve taken on a couple of new projects in the past few months which are taking up much more time and energy than I had anticipated. Add to that the lack of any thrilling iPod news recently, coupled with the non-appearance of the leaked Nike+ watches, and… well, you get the idea. Or maybe I was just a little burnt out. Or bored. Or lazy. Pick one. Anyway, this photo on ModBlog, one of my favorite non-tech blogs, snapped me out of my malaise this evening. If Taryn can suspend herself in the air with hooks through her back and still find time to enjoy her iPod, then I can damn well find a little time to get back to something I really enjoy: sharing iPod news and musings on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who’s kept my feed in their reader, or has subscribed during this downtime in the hopes that I would get back to writing, or just checks in from time to time. Feel free to comment below and point me to any interesting links from the Podosphere that I probably missed over the past few weeks.

In November of last year, Men’s Health Magazine leaked details of the unannounced “Nike Amp+” Nike+iPod wristwatch controller in their 2007 Tech Guide. Then in January of this year, the Nike Store Europe website briefly posted the unannounced “Nike Speed+” wristwatch controller which which records run data directly from the Nike+ shoe sensor without the need for an iPod. Finally, a few days later, details of the entire Nike+ wristwatch line (including the two previously mentioned models) were widely leaked to iPod-related websites. This final leak included hastily printed catalog pages that listed the launch date for the new products as May 1st. That’s this Tuesday.

Nike Speed+ Watch Details

Continue Reading »

iPods Are Heart Smart

iPod Cardiology
We’ve heard of baseball players using iPods to improve their pitching, and cricketers using iPods to improve their, um… cricketing. Now we have this report from Temple University about a medical professor and cardiologist there who’s using the iPod to teach his students how to recognize various heart murmurs. Continue Reading »

Nike Sport ArmbandI have to admit, I’m not a big fan of iPod armbands. I don’t find them comfortable, I don’t think they look especially good around my arm, and I’m not sure how necessary they really are. When I run, I usually just hold my iPod in my hand or clip it to my waistband. Why does it need to be attached to my bicep, where it’s hard to see and awkward to reach? Continue Reading »

Nike reported their third quarter 2007 earnings last Thursday, and during the follow-up conference call with anaylists, CEO Mark Parker revealed that all Nike running shoes will be Nike+iPod compatible by the end of this year:

When I took this job 15 months ago, I said Nike’s focus was on generating top line revenue and profitability. Our third quarter performance shows that we’re keeping that promise. Net revenue was up 9% over third quarter last year, the 22nd consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth.

We’re able to deliver that kind of consistent performance because we create the most innovative and compelling product in the industry. For example, Nike Plus runners have logged more than 10 million miles, and all of our performance running shoes will be Plus-enabled by holiday.

Continue Reading »


Devil iPodI’ve read a many accounts of the iPod’s psychic abilities in shuffle mode, picking songs that the listener was just thinking about or that somehow relate to a recent event in the listener’s life. But Lily over at Once In A Lifetime puts a unique spin on the story and recounts an iPod tale of terror that would make Poe proud:

Has your iPod or mp3 player ever freaked you?
Mine did last night… and when I say freaked
I mean freaked as in
eyes wide open
heart racing
not moving
not breathing
freaked out.
I’m sure you’re all thinking I’m insane now…
and actually in the light of day
I think I’m crazy too… but last night
different story.

Read the rest of her story…

Needles to say, the story does not have a happy ending. I think an iPod exorcism might be in order.

This iPod Thing Is Going Too Far
The Window Manager has a problem. Welcome to the club.

As the Nike+ website approaches the 10 million miles logged mark, Michael has reached a Nike+iPod milestone of his own: 30,000 calories burned!

iPod Hack of the Year
Dirty word alert.

Express to offer iPod-ready Play List Jacket

New tailored jacket with built-in dock connector and controls. As with the iPod Levi’s, I’m not sure what problem this solves.

Soundwalk MP3 Player Vest for Those Who Really Can’t Stand Wires
A “vest” for your mp3 player and cell phone. With built-in speakers. Too bad it doesn’t have an iPod dock connector or controls. Not that anyone would buy it, even if it did.

They Want Your Pod!

Brixton iPod Warning Sign

I saw this photo on Flickr a few days ago and bookmarked it, thinking it would make a good post here. As happens with most of my bookmarks, it was forgotten 15 minutes later. Luckily, a story on Macworld UK today reminded me of the photo and pointed to a fun article on the appearance of these signs as part of an anti-crime campaign in the London suburb of Brixton.

How long before these signs start showing up on eBay?

Steve EarleSteve Earle is one of my musical heroes. For those unfamiliar, he’s a country/rock singer-songwriter who was on the leading edge of the “Alt Country” movement when he started recording back in the mid-1980′s. His career was derailed in the early 90′s by drug addiction and a brief stint in jail, but he emerged from that period to write and record some of his best albums, and proved himself to be one of the finest American songwriters around. I have all of his albums on CD, and I’m usually the first in line to buy new ones as they’re released. So you can imagine my surprise to recently learn that he’s had his own regular radio show since 2004. And not only that, but it looks like it’s been a podcast since at least October of last year. Now, I can forgive myself for not knowing about the radio show, since it only airs on Sirius, XM, and Air America stations, but how I’ve missed the podcast for so long, I’ll never know. Continue Reading »

Bunny RabbitPowerSong is one of my favorite features of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Whenever I feel like I’m slowing down during a workout, I can press my iPod’s center button to instantly play a pre-selected PowerSong for a quick boost of energy. It works.

This week, my PowerSong is Lucky Bunny Foot by indie hip-hop group Bunny Rabbit. I don’t really know anything about them other than they appear to be a female duo from Brooklyn, NY. Their MySpace page has precious little in the way of biographical information, but you can listen to Lucky Bunny Foot and three other songs from their new album, as well as watch a few strangely intriguing music videos there. I have no memory of how I happened across their page, and, quite frankly, didn’t think too much of them on first listen. But a few days later I went back and listened again… and I was hooked. Continue Reading »

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