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runkeeper for iPhone

RunKeeper, a GPS-based training assistant for runners and cyclists, has been approved by Apple and is available on the iTunes App Store as of tonight. I’m downloading it now, but since it’s just after midnight here in California I won’t be going out for a run until the morning. I’ll post my first impressions soon.

Runkeeper on iTunes ($9.99)

2 Responses to “RunKeeper App For iPhone Now Available”

  1. looks interesting and this is truly the killer app for the iphone for runners.

    most of the running apps on the iTunes store have lackluster reviews and i’m not sure any of them are very good, so i’m interested to read your review.

    seems to me that uploading routes to gmaps or some other way to save progress reports outside of the iphone would also be killer. doesn’t seem to have either of these features.


  2. Abid Hussain says:

    I downloaded iTrail, and have been reasonably happy with it.

    It seems to do the above, and allows you to export the data to a form that can (without too much difficulty) be exported to Google Earth.

    iTrail also allows you to view your recorded trails on a google map image (on the phone)…but not on the Google maps app.

    I am not associated with iTrail in any way, other than being a satisfied customer.