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I’d seen the press releases and announcements that this was coming, but somehow had never come across the official page on Apple’s website… well, here it is.


Staring this month, 24-Hour Fitness in the U.S. and Virgin Active in Europe began rolling out Nike+iPod compatible gym equipment. Looks like you just connect your iPod nano to a built in dock connector, choose your music, and start your workout. When you’re at home, sync your nano with iTunes and your workout data will be sent to Nikeplus website. No dongles or shoe transmitters required.

The Nike+iPod system will be integrated with treadmills, elliptical machines, stair steppers, and stationary bikes. It’s not clear if every one of these machines will be pimped out with Nike+ magic, or if it’s limited to select machines at select locations. Since I’m not a member of 24-hour Fitness, I’ll have to rely on reports from readers in the field.

The web page is very specific about one thing, however: These Nike+iPod machines are only compatible with the iPod nano. Those of you with an iPod classic, or iPod touch, or any other type of iPod are still left out of the Nike+iPod party. Seems especially arbitrary to me, and I have a feeling it will frustrate a lot of iPod owners who don’t understand that Nike+iPod really means “Nike+iPod nano.”

2 Responses to “Nike+ iPod Comes to the Gym”

  1. This is fantastic. Count me in as a reader that’ll report back to you–I just hope my local 24 Hour Fitness gyms here in SF will be early adopters.

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