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The first of what I hope will be many GPS running applications for iPhone has been submitted to the iPhone App Store and is awaiting approval. RunKeeper uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to track your distance, speed, time, and route. The (blurry) video below shows the basic features of what seems to be a pretty bare-bones application, but it looks like it gets the job done.

One thing I’m not too crazy about is that you need to upload your data to their website to view a map of your route. It would be great if you could see your route and progress on a map in real time on your phone.

I look forward to seeing a better video demo of RunKeeper someday, and some more information on their website, but overall I’m really thrilled that the GPS running apps are coming. Still wondering when Nike will officially announce that they’re getting into the game with a Nike+iPhone app.

No word on pricing or an exact release date yet.

[EDIT: A clearer video is posted here.]

3 Responses to “RunKeeper Tracks Runs On Your iPhone With GPS”

  1. Jeff Bridges says:

    Path Tracker is an iPhone app that shows your path on a map in real time:

    I think Path Tracker is also waiting for approval from Apple.

  2. Exile says:

    I want this so badly!

  3. jz1492 says:

    Also missing is a step counter using the iPhone’s accelerometer, which would have made it possible to measure step length, pace, slope performance,…