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As most everyone knows by now, two songs from Jerry Herman’s musical “Hello Dolly” figure prominently into the story of Disney/Pixar’s eco-robo love story WALL-E. On a whim last night, I checked iTunes to see if either of the two songs – “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” and “It Only Takes A Moment” – had risen to the top of their Top Songs chart. To my surprise, not only were they not in the top 10, neither song was even in the top 100.

Looking a the WALL-E soundtrack, the reason is obvious: Both songs, along with Louis Armstrong’s version of “La Vie En Rose” are ‘Album Only,’ meaning you need to buy the entire album to get those tracks. “Ok, I’ll just check the Hello Dolly soundtrack directly,” I thought. No dice. ALL of the songs on the Hello Dolly soundtrack are ‘Album Only.’ And going to Amazon won’t help; The situation is exactly the same there. So lame.

I thought iTunes was supposed to usher in an era of no longer forcing people to buy an album full of songs they don’t want, just to get the one song they do. I’m especially disappointed that this is happening on iTunes, given the close relationship between Apple, Pixar and Disney. Doesn’t Apple actively discourage this kind of behavior from other artists and record labels? If everyone starts making their hit songs Album Only, the iTunes Store suddenly becomes much less compelling and useful. It’s a bad trend.

Now, you can buy the individual songs from the Broadway cast album of Hello Dolly on iTunes, but as much as I love Charles Nelson Reilly, he’s no Michael Crawford. Does anyone know where to buy the individual tracks from the movie soundtrack? Or has Disney conspired to lock everyone into buying the full WALL-E soundtrack album?

I guess if you’re going to buy the whole albums, both WALL-E and Hello Dolly are a dollar cheaper (and no DRM) from Amazon.

Buy the WALL-E soundtrack from Amazon.
Buy the Hello Dolly soundtrack from Amazon.

2 Responses to “WALL-E Soundtrack Shenanigans: Hello Dolly Songs Are ‘Album Only’”

  1. Sketchee says:

    They probably couldn’t get the rights to the Hello Dolly songs for distribution. The music industry has such a tight strangle hold on its intellectual properties, it wouldn’t be too suprising

  2. Dani says:

    Buy a used CD off EBay or another site. Still cheaper than buying the whole album for 3 or 4 good songs.