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When Apple announced that they were rebranding their .Mac service as MobileMe, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who started thinking of all the fun possibilities for @me.com email addresses. It should be pointed out that if you’re planning to sign up for Me.com with the hopes of getting your firstname@me.com or lastname@me.com, keep in mind that current .Mac members’ email addresses are automatically grandfathered into the new domain. 1234abc@mac.com will automatically be 1234abc@me.com. It’s likely that most common names will already be taken.

If you don’t want to settle for John173@me.com, there are plenty of memorable options available. If you use the @ symbol as the word “at” you can turn short sentences into email addresses. Most simple examples, like look@me, smile@me, point@me, shout@me, and laugh@me already seem to be taken, but there are plenty of variations available. For example:

Naomi.yelled@me (or naomi.threwherphone@me.com)

Even more possibilities are available if you choose to use the @ symbol as the letter a. If your name ends in “ame” you’ve got it made, like Valerie.Pl@me.com (some people fall just short, like Barack.Ob@me.com). But don’t stop there; there are tons of words that end in “ame.” I won’t list them all, but they can easily be found with a crossword puzzle dictionary. Here are some favorites:


I love that these email addresses look almost like website addresses. If you wanted to go all the way with it, your email address could even be www.macr@me.com. Cool to geeks, confusing to everyone else. What more could you ask for?

If you’re interested in MobileMe and want to get a jump on reserving the perfect email address, I recommend saving $30 by buying a .Mac membership from Amazon. Set up the account and choose your email address before the rush of new subscribers. Your .Mac account will convert to a MobileMe account in July.

Oh, and if I’ve given away the email address you were hoping to register, please dontbemad@me.com.

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