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April March won a permanent place in my heart over a decade ago with her spot-on recreations of 1960s French pop music, so I was thrilled to see a new album from her hit the streets a few weeks ago. ‘Magic Monsters’ is a collaboration with Steve Hanft, a songwriter best known for directing music videos (Beck’s Loser, for one). While the album is a pretty hit-and-miss affair for me, the second track, ‘Attention Cherie,’ is currently in heavy rotation on my iPhone. It’s miles away from the sassy Ye-ye of her early career, but the bouncy mid-tempo groove and her sweet, airy vocals make for a perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer afternoon (a vibe somewhat at odds with the music video below).

Here’s Hanft’s music video for the song. The music starts about 40 seconds in.

And for those keeping score, this is my second ‘Song of Summer’ with a French title and English Lyrics. Enjoy.

You can download ‘Attention Cherie’ from Amazon and iTunes.

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