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I’m a Mac user, but not a Mac evangelist. While I do think that most of my Windows-using friends would be happier using a Mac, I also think that making the ‘switch’ is a decision one needs to come to on one’s own. I’ve learned not to start sentences with “Well, if you had a Mac…” because of the inevitable eye-roll I’m given in return.

When I switched from Windows at the end of 2002, nobody was pushing it on me. I had purchased my first iPod a few months earlier, and came to learn about Apple’s new operating system, OS X, as a result of visiting Apple’s website and various Mac forums. I was very unhappy with Windows at the time. It seemed a new mega-virus was coming out every week, and despite running the latest anti-virus software, I had to perform two ‘clean installs’ in the preceding six months. Enough was enough. I bought a used G4 Cube, a copy of OS X, and have never looked back.

I was reminded of this today when I read that Windows guru Chris Pirillo has made the switch to a Mac Pro as his main computer and OS X as his main operating system. It’s a decision he’s come to after a lot of thought and research.

Microsoft does some amazing things – very amazing things. My choice, however, for a primary desktop operating system is no longer Windows – it’s Mac OS X. Duh. It’s rather difficult to admit that officially, if only because… well, I think Microsoft does amazing things. They’ve also been quite supportive of my own efforts over the years, if only because they understand the value of one user.

It’s interesting because he’s not someone you can write off as an unsophisticated computer user who doesn’t know any better, or as having been “tricked” by Apple’s marketing tactics. He’s a Windows power-user. He prefers OS X.

In time, this will all become easier to manage – but there’s no time like the present to shelve the last ten years of Windows enthusiasm and… switch. I’m fine with being a Microsoft enthusiast in other areas, mind you – very much so. They’re doing too many good things for me to ignore, and their community involvement puts Apple to shame. My choice for an operating system is just that – my choice for an OS.

Now I’m not posting this in order to ‘push’ anyone towards Apple. However, if you’ve been thinking about switching from Windows but aren’t sure if Macs are right for “real” computer users, Chris’ blog post 50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X may help answer your questions.

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