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If Ritchie Hawtin ever mates with an iPod, their love-child will certainly resemble Tonium’s new Pacemaker portable DJ mixer. The all-in-one hand-held Pacemaker emulates a traditional DJ set-up of two ‘decks” and a mixer. It features a 120 GB hard drive, pitch control, a crossfader, on-board effects, EQ control, and more. Tonium is currently taking pre-orders through their website. The price is 520 Eruos (or about $760 as of this writing). It’s supposed to begin shipping next month.

As a hopeless bedroom DJ and gadget geek, I can’t help but get all tingly at the thought of getting my hands on one of these. However, I’m not too sure what I would really use it for. Maybe on a long flight it would keep me occupied, but otherwise, I rarely find myself at an event that’s looking for an impromptu DJ. And even if I was, plugging in the Pacemaker to a sound system doesn’t seem much more convenient than plugging in my laptop and using DJ software. Anyway, there’s no denying the ‘cool factor’ of this little package, and if you were to whip it out at a dull party, there’s no question that you’d be going home with all the hotties.

And speaking of hotties, Kat from Shiny Media posted a posted a great video demo and review of the Tonium Pacemaker yesterday. If you take your eyes off her cleavage for a moment, you’ll be able to spot the Pacemaker just off to the right.

[Tech Digest via Gizmodo]

One Response to “Is That A DJ In Your Pocket?”

  1. mirrorscreen says:

    Wow wa wee

    Thats impressive. Incredibly small that is.

    I too wonder whether id use one, but knowing i can dj my own music is enough of an incentive to own one. If only 1 top DJ uses one, this will take off like wildfire.