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With Apple’s MacBook Air hitting the streets this week, the Internet is awash in Air unboxing galleries, videos, and forum threads. Yes, I’ve been wearing my fanboy pants and drooling right along with the rest of you. But all of that excitement pales in comparison to the unboxing thrills I felt today when my new Saucony Hurricanes arrived on my doorstep.

Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 9, to be precise. And, boy, are they sweet. After waiting weeks for Zappos to get my size 14D’s in stock, I finally found them on Amazon. I’ve been wearing Hurricanes since I started running in 2003, beginning with the 6′s. They’ve consistently been the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. This time around, I thought I’d try something new, and initially bought a pair of Asics Gel-Foundation 7‘s. They always seem to get very high marks from runners, and they’re $30 less then the Sauconys. But the Asics just didn’t fit right; they were the right size, but the arch supports hit the wrong part of my foot and I felt the pronation correction was just too pronounced, making me feel like I was running on the outside edges of my feet. And they were heavy. I sent them back after just a few minutes on the treadmill.

My new Hurricane 9′s fit me like a glove. They’re light, well-ballanced, and perfectly cushioned; when I’m wearing them it feels like I’m walking on a cloud (oooh, these fanboy pants really work). Anyway, what’s an unboxing without documentation? On with the photos…






2 Responses to “Unboxing: Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 9”

  1. pretzelgreg says:


    I wear saucony’s and am also blessed with some big dogs like you ( 14d ) am I right that you are a big guy ( 200 lbs-or more?)

    I’ve been wearing the stabil mc shoe for 4 years now and really like them though I love cushiony shoes (as your hurricanes seem to be fromyour desc.) My question is how do they last/wear? I have found that cushiony shoes dont last long on my 6’3″ 205 body.



  2. Podophile says:

    Yup, I’m 6’1″, 200lbs. I get about 6 months out of a pair of Hurricanes, but I rarely run more than 15 – 20 miles per week, and I probably end up stretching their lifespan longer than I should. This is evidenced by the extreme difference I feel between these and my old pair.