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Watch Report has posted a review of the Nike Amp+ watch/remote control for the Nike+iPod system. The Nike Amp+ is a light-weight plastic band with iPod controls and a cool LED watch display built in. It controls your iPod nano when connected to the Nike+iPod Sport Kit dongle. The review covers all the basics, and ends with a summary of their overall impressions:

The Nike Amp+ is a great concept, and it functions quite well, but there are a couple of drawbacks:

  • You have to press a button to see the time. The advantage of LEDs is that they are very bright and easy to see in low-light conditions or while running, but the disadvantage is that they are power hungry, and would deplete the battery if they were on all the time. That’s why you have to activate the display by pressing a button.
  • The animation is cool, but it takes a bit longer to read the time because of it.

Of course, there are more than enough advantages:

  • Great way to control your iPod while on the move. The Amp+ let’s you keep your iPod safely tucked away where it’s not at risk of being dropped or getting ruined by water.
  • Integrates nicely with the Nike + iPod kit for a very complete music/data/remote solution.
    Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Stylish enough to wear all the time — not just when running.

The Nike Amp+ is a pretty impressive piece of technology. It’s both visually and functionally well designed, and is perfect for any athletic technophile.

One question they don’t answer is whether the remote only works when you’re in Nike+iPod workout mode, or if it also works when you’re just listening to music (provided the dongle is attached, of course). I’m sure the answer’s out there, I’m just too lazy to hit the Google right now. Anybody know?

I’m still not sure whether I’ll be picking up one of these any time soon. On the one hand (get it?), it’s a pretty cool looking watch, and the iPod controls would be nice to have. On the other, I’ve never really found it too difficult to skip tracks or adjust volume while running. At $80, I find it just a little too pricey for the extra utility it provides. Still, the video makes it look pretty cool…

9 Responses to “Nike Amp Watch Review And Video”

  1. Randy W says:

    Yes, I did google it to make sure that the remote works outside of workout mode, so that if you want to use it cycling, skiing, or whatever it does work as long as the Nike+ Sports Kit is connected.

    Visit: http://dommy.media-backup.de/reviews/running-gear/nike-amp/

    for more details.

  2. N Running says:

    Do you know if the nike amp has a replaceable battery? Just found out the shoe sensor does not have a replaceable battery after mine died. Wouldn’t want the nike amp if it only lives a short while before needing to be thrown away like the shoe sensor…

  3. Tim McNicoll says:

    Does it work when you’re just listening to music? As I’ve just discovered withy my new Nike AMP+, it certainly does. The best analogy I can give you is that it’s like having an iPod Shuffle on your wrist. Same controls, same limitations. Personally, I think it’s the missing link for Nike+iPod users (I HATE fumbling around to get my nano out when I’m out of breath and dog tired) who don’t want their nano strapped to their bicep. And as a music controller when you’re not running, it’s fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  4. Alirio says:

    Is the Nike Amp + available in Canada? Can’t find any info.

  5. Ryan MacIsaac says:

    Hey Guys!

    I live in Canada and I bought the NIKE+ AMP online and got it shipped here. What an excellent product! The remote definately works outside of workout mode. I use an audio-out cable to connect my ipod to my car stereo, so instead of switching songs in my car by pushing > or < on the ipod, I just use my watch as the remote!
    It is also really slick in the way that you don’t need to fumble with your ipod when running. If you have a nice running band you can stick the ipod in, even more perfect. Just leave it in the case and you can use your watch for Volume Up/Down, Next/Previous, Time, Powersong and also there is a button on the watch which will read aloud your workout progress/calories/time remaining.

    It also is a very nice watch in general. You can’t really see the time too well if the sun is shining directly on it. I am about to replace the battery, it has a really easy t remove battery case.

  6. Elisa says:


    Need some help. Everything was great with my Amp+ but suddently it is not working as remote. I tried to connect again with the iPod and the iPod seems unable to see it. Any idea? New batteries? The Amp is like seven months old.

  7. Patch says:

    I’d been thinking about picking one of these up for a while and I was in Best Buy today and saw that they were marked on clearance at $39.99. Naturally I grabbed one, but what gives? Is Nike discontinuing this already? Something new in the works perhaps?

  8. Nike Amp says:

    I just stumbled across this website looking for some support info.

    Elisa: It sounds like your battery needs to be replaced. I had one that stopped working as a remote even though the time, etc., would still display. Replacing the battery fixed it. You can get a replacement battery (size is “CR 1632″) at Radio Shack or similar–they’re about 3 dollars.

  9. Coach says:

    I am thinking of getting one for working out and using in my PE classes(i am a teacher). Does anyone know the range on the watch. Could I use it if my iPod was on one side of the gym and I was on the other?