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lolcloverfieldAdrien and I went to see Cloverfield on Sunday, and while it wasn’t the transcendent movie-going experience that I was hoping for, it was certainly a whole lotta fun. If you’re a monster-movie aficionado, be sure to stay for the credits. They roll for a minute or two in near silence, but then the movie’s only scored music begins… and what thrilling music it is. The piece is called “Roar,” written by prolific movie and video game composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty). An obvious homage to Akira Ifukube’s iconic Godzilla theme, I found it every bit as exciting as the movie itself… maybe more.

Surprisingly, the movie credits offered very little information about “Roar”. No mention of which orchestra performed it, who conducted, or where it was recorded. On the way home, we popped into a nearby Apple store and I jumped onto a computer to search iTunes for “Roar.” Nothing. Amazon? Nope. It turns out that “Roar” hasn’t been released yet. There are some rumors that it will be released on iTunes soon, and I guess it’s a pretty safe bet that it will be eventually, but why the delay? I’d like to think it’s a clever marketing ploy to whip up movie-score-fanboy frenzy across the Internet, but it’s more likely just some last-minute rights wrangling between high-paid Hollywood lawyers and agents.

But if it’s fanboy frenzy they want, I’m prepared to give it to them. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, you can check out this excerpt, crudely recorded at a movie theater by some chatty cell-phone toting pirates.

2 Responses to “ROAR: Cloverfield’s Awesome Theme Music”

  1. Roar says:

    The Roar Overture was recorded in Bratislava (Slovakia), performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and Slovak Philharmonic. Conducted by Allan Wilson

  2. Lauren says:

    I watched the movie recently. In my opinion it wasnt that great but yes the music was amazing!