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New Nike+iPod nano interface

I was a little concerned that no mention was made of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit during today’s introduction of the new iPod nano (known as the “fatty” in some circles). Even Apple’s new iPod nano web page doesn’t mention Nike+iPod integration anywhere.

However, skip over to the redesigned Nike+iPod page an you’ll see how the interface has been redesigned to match both the new nano menu system and the Nikeplus website.

It seems as though not much else has changed. There’s no mention of any new features or functionality, and Nike+iPod still only works with the iPod nano (despite the new iPod touch using flash storage).

More to come when I’m able to get my hands on the new nano.

New Nike+iPod Interface

New Nike+iPod Interface

7 Responses to “Nike + iPod Interface Updated For New iPod Nano”

  1. aamna says:

    What I dont understand is that running with the ipod that had a hard drive was supposed to damage the ipod and limit its life. How come the new nano therefore has one? I am teetering between wanting the next newest thing, and hording ‘old’ nanos that won’t crap out. It already freaks out when it gets condensation on it when I have it strapped on for running. Ipods make no sense.

  2. Podophile says:

    The new nano does not have a hard drive. It’s flash memory-based, just like the old iPod nanos.

  3. Simone says:

    I’m a bit concerned about all the Nike+ armbands and apparels that are designed with the “old” form factor: I don’t think the new “fatty” will fit into the t-shirts and so on… and I’m not going to buy a new t-shirt just because the new Nano changed size.

  4. Podophile says:

    Well, the good news for runners and other fitness enthusiasts is that there’s really no compelling reason to upgrade to the new iPod nano. By the time your current nano dies, it’ll probably be time to replace that t-shirt and armband anyway.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m just really mad that it’s probably not compatible with the Touch. The UK store says that it is compatible, but the US store only says Nano (doesn’t exactly rule out the iPod Touch, either). If they updated the software to work with the new Nano interface, they would have made mention if it worked with the Touch as well, right? I’m mad because I wanted to replace my nano with a touch, and now I can’t justify it.

  6. I am a bit worried that the Nano 4 feels too light and is so thin that it will easily break under pressure.