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Even though I’ve slacked off on my own running regimen recently, I still love reading a good running blog… especially when the writer is using the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Sarah writes the very inspirational Secret Housewife Does The Marathon blog. A recent entry ends with this:

“As I ran down my road I got a picture in my head of little old me running down the finishing stretch of the Mall, with all the crowds and other runners and I got a lump in my throat. Can I do this? I want to so much. It is the most determined I have ever felt about anything.”

3 Responses to “Running Blog: Secret Housewife And The Power Of Visualization”

  1. Hi ! Thanks for writing about my blog !! I am glad you enjoy it and feel pretty chuffed that you think I’m inspirational !! How cool. I’ll have to keep running now, won’t I ?! Sarah

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