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iPlop for iPod and iPhone

I know I’m not the only one who likes to take the iPhone to bed (I’ve seen iJustine do it a time or two). It’s perfect for checking RSS feeds, Digg, and email before dozing off. The trouble is that I like to lay on my side while reading, and there’s just no comfortable way to hold or position the iPhone while doing so. Laying it flat on the bed makes for a very awkward viewing angle, and holding it upright in your hand gets tiring (especially at the end of a long day). I had resorted to making a small nest out of my sheets and blanket to help prop up my phone, but of course, as soon as I’d move the iPhone would tumble over.

Then, one day as I was stocking up on supplies at my local OfficeMax, I noticed a ridiculous ‘impulse buy’ item near the checkout line. It was called the iPlop: A small, squishy ball with a fake cell phone propped up in it. Just as I was thinking, “How low will a company go to capitalize on the iPod craze?” it hit me. This was exactly what I needed for bedtime iPhoning.

The $4.99 iPlop is a essentially a nylon beanbag about the size of a grapefruit. It comes in several solid colors and a few bright patterns. It’s very well made, with strong, tight stitching and a very satisfying “squish.” I’m not sure what sort of small beads are inside, but they’re soft and not at all noisy when squeezed.

iPlop and iPhone iPlop and iPhone

As as indicated by the name of the product, you just “plop” your phone or iPod down into it and you’re good to go. The iPlop envelopes it and holds it in place. Adjusting the angle of your device is as easy as re-plopping until you get it the way you like it.

In bed, the iPlop works exactly as I had imagined. It’s dead simple to adjust my iPhone to to the proper viewing angle. The only thing you need to be mindful of is keeping the “home” button unobstructed. The super-soft iPlop tends to curl up around the bottom edge of the phone.

I’m guessing that the iPlop would make a good desk accessory for the iPhone as well, if you don’t already keep your dock on your desk. Giving your iPhone a comfy chair to sit on seems much nicer than laying it down on a cold, hard desk.

I haven’t felt the need to accessorize my iPhone. No cases, holsters, or armbands really appeal to me. But, as embarrased as I am to write this: I love my iPlop.

Look for the iPlop at your local OfficeMax checkout line, or buy online from Senario.

4 Responses to “iPlop: A Beanbag For Your iPhone”

  1. beanbag says:

    sometimes i think you have to question why would anyone consider making or even buying a bean bag for their iphone when it comes with a dock which looks snazzy and also charges it up …

  2. Podophile says:

    a) The iPhone no longer comes with a dock.

    b) Try balancing the iPhone in a dock on your bed, sofa, or any other soft, uneven surface.

    c) Try watching a movie with the iPhone in the dock. (hint: Landscape mode)

    Are those enough reasons?

  3. Queen Geek says:

    PERFECT. I was on a long flight yesterday and watched a movie on my iPhone. I had the same problem you had trying to use yours in bed: my arms gaot tired, putting it flat on the tray table was too awkward, and the tray table is too slick to prop the phone up on anything. The beanbag is EXACTLY what I need. I shall order one up and have them dispatch it forthwith!

  4. Swimmy44 says:

    I want to purchase an IPLOP online – can you assist?