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I’m A Winner!

Jason at Webomatica recently held a “So Bad They’re Good” movie contest, asking readers to submit their favorite “bad” movies for him to review. I’ve been fascinated with bad cinema since I was a kid. The Golden Turkey Awards was a very influential book during my formative years (how disappointing that Michael Medved has turned out to be such a douche). Anyway, I had a pretty long list of favorites to narrow down. Luckily, Jason regularly writes about movies and music, and I knew he has a soft spot for the swinging 1960′s; and for outrageous 60′s badness, no movie swings harder (and misses more spectacularly) than the Russ Meyer/Roger Ebert classic Beyond The Valley of the Dolls. To make a long story short, Jason agreed, and I’m one $20 Amazon Gift Certificate richer. What a great excuse to buy the Beyond The Valley of the Dolls Soundtrack I’ve always wanted. Go me!

2 Responses to “I’m A Winner!”

  1. Webomatica says:

    Congrats again! I still get some laughs every time I watch that trailer…!

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