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Timex iControl watch for iPod

I hate to throw out another iPod watch rumor while we’re still waiting for the Nike+iPod watches to hit the street, but it looks like Timex might be getting into the game according to a PowerPoint presentation recently sent to sporting goods distributors. Information is pretty sketchy at this point, but the i-Control is a Timex Ironman sports watch with additional buttons that can control an iPod’s basic functions: Play/Pause, volume, and track up/down. There’s no mention of a dongle or receiver for the iPod, or which iPods will be compatible. There’s also no indication that the Timex watch would be compatible with the Nike+iPod system. The watch comes in one unisex style and three colors. Scheduled for release in October 2007, the i-Control has a suggested retail price of $120.

As we’ve seen with the leaked Nike+ watches, there’s no guarantee that this product will be released on schedule (or ever), or in the form we see here. For all we know, Timex could just be floating this idea around to see if there’s any interest from their retailers. However, it’s still fun to see more running and fitness products looking to work with the iPod.

Timex iControl watch for iPod

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