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Podophile’s Back


Yeah, I know it’s been nearly forever since my last post. Totally not intentional… just the way things work out sometimes. Let’s just say that I’ve taken on a couple of new projects in the past few months which are taking up much more time and energy than I had anticipated. Add to that the lack of any thrilling iPod news recently, coupled with the non-appearance of the leaked Nike+ watches, and… well, you get the idea. Or maybe I was just a little burnt out. Or bored. Or lazy. Pick one. Anyway, this photo on ModBlog, one of my favorite non-tech blogs, snapped me out of my malaise this evening. If Taryn can suspend herself in the air with hooks through her back and still find time to enjoy her iPod, then I can damn well find a little time to get back to something I really enjoy: sharing iPod news and musings on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who’s kept my feed in their reader, or has subscribed during this downtime in the hopes that I would get back to writing, or just checks in from time to time. Feel free to comment below and point me to any interesting links from the Podosphere that I probably missed over the past few weeks.

3 Responses to “Podophile’s Back”

  1. Webomatica says:

    Yeah, you know, it has been a while. Does the iPhone count as an iPod? good to have you back.

  2. Glad you’re back. I missed your posts. As a fellow blogger, I know about blogging boredom. But you’ve inspired me to start posting to my own blog again, Beth Runs! I swear I’ll have an update by the end of the day today!

  3. Podophile says:

    Thanks for the comments. And yes, the iPhone IS an iPod… so why am I so indifferent? That’s the subject of an upcoming post.