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In November of last year, Men’s Health Magazine leaked details of the unannounced “Nike Amp+” Nike+iPod wristwatch controller in their 2007 Tech Guide. Then in January of this year, the Nike Store Europe website briefly posted the unannounced “Nike Speed+” wristwatch controller which which records run data directly from the Nike+ shoe sensor without the need for an iPod. Finally, a few days later, details of the entire Nike+ wristwatch line (including the two previously mentioned models) were widely leaked to iPod-related websites. This final leak included hastily printed catalog pages that listed the launch date for the new products as May 1st. That’s this Tuesday.

Nike Speed+ Watch Details

I’ve been wearing my ‘amateur reporter’ hat this weekend and calling several Bay Area sporting goods stores, but none seem to know much, if anything, about the impending launch of these products. As a matter of fact, I’m still floored by just how many sports/running store employees are completely unfamiliar with the Nike+iPod system. You can hear their blank stares over the phone.

Anyway, I’ll try to dig up more info by visiting as many running gear shops as I can on Monday. Feel free to help out by calling or visiting your own local sporting goods/running store. One would think that if the Tuesday launch is still a go, somebody somewhere will have to know to know something. Feel free to post any new info to the comments below.

As a refresher, these are the products we’re looking for:

Nike Amp+ ($79) – Plastic, faceless iPod wrist controller with simple LED readout on band. Five color combinations.

Nike Flight+ ($129) – A step up from the Amp+, with a watch face that displays time, date, and stopwatch info.

Nike Speed+ ($129) – Unlike the other two models, this watch does not control a Nike+ enabled iPod, but rather receives information directly form the Nike+ shoe sensor. No iPod required. The Speed+ comes with a Nike+ shoe sensor and a USB dongle for syncing the data stored on your watch with your computer. Looks more like a traditional ‘sports watch’ that the other two models.

For detailed pictures, see my post here.

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7 Responses to “New Nike+ Watches This Tuesday?”

  1. ??? says:

    Have you tried calling any Nike retail stores?

  2. Podophile says:

    Yes. My first call was to the Nike store in San Francisco. Nobody there seemed to know anything about the new products. Either the launch has been pushed back, or Nike has learned a thing or two from Apple about product launches. We’ll know soon…

  3. seanoj says:

    I called the NikeTown store in Beverly Hills and the guy who answered the phone said he knew exactly what I was asking about (Amp+ specifically).

    He said that they have not received any information on launch other than it would not be to every store at once. They did not have any product in their store nor on their computers yet.

    Some stores would get units before others in what he thought would be a roll-out of the product. Seemed odd to me.

    He also said that he heard the formal announcement would happen on the apple.com website.

  4. Terrapolitan says:

    Does anyone have an update on when these watches will be launched?


  5. CalibosWoods says:

    Yes, I’d like to know an update on this as well. I’ve been checking the nike.com site on a daily basis and nothing. I thought Steve Jobs might mention it in his keynote the other day, but no word from him either.

  6. Augie_09 says:

    I spent the last hour looking online for recent info on the nike+amp and couldn’t find anything except references back to the magazine article or the ‘leaked’ pictures with the 5/1 launch date on them, which apparently was false.

    I think this wristband control would be damn nice. I could put my ipod in my ampiphod belt and not on my sweaty arm.

  7. watch guy says:

    Whatever happened with these?