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Devil iPodI’ve read a many accounts of the iPod’s psychic abilities in shuffle mode, picking songs that the listener was just thinking about or that somehow relate to a recent event in the listener’s life. But Lily over at Once In A Lifetime puts a unique spin on the story and recounts an iPod tale of terror that would make Poe proud:

Has your iPod or mp3 player ever freaked you?
Mine did last night… and when I say freaked
I mean freaked as in
eyes wide open
heart racing
not moving
not breathing
freaked out.
I’m sure you’re all thinking I’m insane now…
and actually in the light of day
I think I’m crazy too… but last night
different story.

Read the rest of her story…

Needles to say, the story does not have a happy ending. I think an iPod exorcism might be in order.

One Response to “iFreak”

  1. Harry says:

    Freaky. Thanks for the post. I’ve read claims that iPods can cure world hunger too :P

    On a serious note, it stands to reason you’d like what your shuffle brings since they’ve been pre-selected in the first place. An unwanted song won’t last in your iPod for long. :)