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They Want Your Pod!

Brixton iPod Warning Sign

I saw this photo on Flickr a few days ago and bookmarked it, thinking it would make a good post here. As happens with most of my bookmarks, it was forgotten 15 minutes later. Luckily, a story on Macworld UK today reminded me of the photo and pointed to a fun article on the appearance of these signs as part of an anti-crime campaign in the London suburb of Brixton.

How long before these signs start showing up on eBay?

One Response to “They Want Your Pod!”

  1. [...] bei mac-essentials das Bild an der Seite entdeckt und mich direkt mal auf die Suche gemacht. Via podophile auch die Erklärung. So scheint es in Brixton dringend ratsam seine Sachen in Tasche [...]