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Bunny RabbitPowerSong is one of my favorite features of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Whenever I feel like I’m slowing down during a workout, I can press my iPod’s center button to instantly play a pre-selected PowerSong for a quick boost of energy. It works.

This week, my PowerSong is Lucky Bunny Foot by indie hip-hop group Bunny Rabbit. I don’t really know anything about them other than they appear to be a female duo from Brooklyn, NY. Their MySpace page has precious little in the way of biographical information, but you can listen to Lucky Bunny Foot and three other songs from their new album, as well as watch a few strangely intriguing music videos there. I have no memory of how I happened across their page, and, quite frankly, didn’t think too much of them on first listen. But a few days later I went back and listened again… and I was hooked.

Lucky Bunny Foot is a pretty straight-forward old-school club banger with a Miami bass/electro vibe. There’s really not much there in terms of lyrics, other than a couple of simple chants delivered with a hint of ennui (“You stepped on my foot, my lucky bunny foot”), but for some reason I think it’s really fun, especially for running. The rest of Bunny Rabbit’s album Lovers & Crypts is dirtier, quirkier, and probably much more of an acquired taste, but it’s growing on me.

Bunny Rabbit is currently on tour in the U.S. and will be heading over to Europe on April 1st.

Lucky Bunny Foot is available on iTunes and eMusic.

Let me know what you think of Lucky Bunny Foot, and what you’re currently using as your PowerSong.

BONUS: As I was searching for information about Bunny Rabbit, I came across this very addictive (and awesomely cute) flash game. Start playing at your own peril.

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3 Responses to “My New PowerSong: Lucky Bunny Foot”

  1. Will Weider says:

    My powersong is Brake On by Headboard. High enregry west cost hip pop. Unfortunately you can get it on iTunes.

  2. Craig says:

    I’ve got the music recommendation for everyone who loves running …

    Check these out: http://store.ultrarecords.com/ (you can get most of them on iTunes). I prefer the Ultra Dance and Ultra Weekend series. Right now I’m running to Ultra Dance 08 Disc 1. It’s awesome!

    I’ve probably bought about 15 of these albums and they’re amazing. They basically take top 40 songs and remix them with no or little stoppage between tracks. Perfect for running!! Great pace and very catchy.

    Let me know what you guys think! And, would love to hear any of your recommendations for good running music. Parenthetically, I should add that I think the Nike running albums on iTunes are CRAP! Who wants to run to half of that stuff??

  3. My Powersong is Block Rockin’ Beats by the Chemical Brothers. And I have to agree with Craig – the Nike+ music in iTunes are really bad.