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Daring Fireball has posted a thorough summary of Steve Jobs’ recent Thoughts On Music article, as well as some of the Internet reaction and analysis. It’s a good read, though for some, Daring fireball can be an acquired taste. I used to stay away from the site, because it seemed like everything I read there was written by an angry, opinionated jerk. A turning point for me happened at Macworld this year, when I saw Daring Fireball’s writer, John Gruber, interview Panic Software’s founder, Cabel Sasser. Gruber seemed like a pretty reasonable and interesting guy, so I gave his site another try. And you know what? It’s pretty reasonable and interesting. This article is a good introduction to Daring Fireball, and a good place to start if you haven’t already been overloaded with “Thoughts On Music” coverage.

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