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Daytrotter is Wired

I first stumbled upon Daytrotter late last year, and since then it has become one of my favorite (and most regularly visited) music sites. So it was great to see them get some big-time exposure in this month’s Wired magazine. What sets Daytrotter apart from most other indie music websites is that they actually invite bands to record in their old-school, analog studio and then post the recordings to the site as free downloads. Here’s how they describe the setup:

Recorded live at Futureappletree Studio One in downtown Rock Island, Ill. The name of the city is not ironic. These artists use borrowed instruments, play with their touring mates, and leave behind a pile of ashes, sometimes a forgotten stocking hat, and four absolutely collectible songs that often impart on whomever listens to them the true intensity that these musicians put into their art, sometimes with more clarity than they do when they have months to tinker with overdubs and experiments. These songs are them as they are on that particular day, on that particular tour – dirty and alive.

The recordings sound pretty great, in a home-made sort of way, and for the adventurous listener there’s a lot to choose from. I found my current Nike+iPod PowerSong on Daytrotter last week, Electrified by Dressy Bessy. The quirky, bouncy song would be a perfect candidate for the next iPod ad. If you’re not into the rough edges of the Daytrotter recording, the album version of the song is available on iTunes. Here’s the YouTube video, too. [A bonus for all you samplers out there: Electrified has a tasty, Amen-like drum break about halfway through. Perfect for slicing and looping.]

In addition to the music, there’s also a lot of very good writing, interviews, and illustrations on Daytrotter. If undiscovered, unfamiliar music is your thing, be sure bookmark it (or if you’re on the RSS bandwagon, add it to your feed reader).

One beef with Wired: Why can’t they provide links to the sites they cover? I realize the Daytrotter article was taken from the print version of their magazine, but how hard would it be to have an intern add a couple of links before posting it on the web? Wired, indeed.

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