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I have nothing against Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. Heck, I haven’t even seen it running on a computer yet. But today’s A Mac User Switches To Vista article from MSNBC.com gave me a laugh. It’s not that I find the premise of the headline somehow unbelievable — I’m sure there are Mac users who will opt to make their next computer a Windows PC — but that after a glowing four-page review, the writer ends with these words:

But I really miss that peaceful, Zen-like quiet I felt with my Mac when I’d wake it up or put it instantly to sleep. For me, it just works right, without really having to think about it.

So I decided to switch again. From Vista, back to the Mac — to the brand new, white MacBook on which I told this story.

So my questions are: Did the editor who wrote the headline read the whole article, or is the misleading headline an attempt to put a pro-MS spin on the piece? Or is the it just linkbait to get more people to read about Vista? My money’s on the linkbait angle. Which means I’ve just been suckered into doing some Vista shilling. (Do I get my free laptop now?)

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