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Today’s best iPod links:

‘iPhone’ Search Volume Already Greater Than ‘iPod’
– from Hitwise
How does Apple maintain iPhone momentum between now and launch? Maybe they don’t need to do anything.

The Insanely Great Songs Apple Won’t Let You Hear – from Slate
Not sure how this is Apple’s fault. Still, a good read. I’ve been wishing for an international iTunes Store since day one.

Confessions Of A Former iPod Hating Runner (Part I)
– from The Final Sprint
Paul Petersen prepares to run with an mp3 player for the first time. Looking forward to part II.

SquiPod iPod Cozy – With Tutorial/Pattern – from Crafster
Cute DIY knit iPod cover. Oh yeah, it looks like a squid.

2 Responses to “Podosphere: Search, Slate, Sprint, Squid”

  1. Ben Schneider says:

    Thanks for pointing out that “confessions of a former iPod hating runn runner” article – I found it very interesting. Also, just saw that Part II was published if you want to take a look.


    Keep up the good work!

  2. Drake says:

    Most people who know me consider me an “easy-going” guy, but I think I am going to let out a small rant here. I really didn’t find the article worth much of anything at all. It probably is because I consider myself an early-adopter of technology and have been using an MP3 player for running ever since they were small enough to wear without being cumbersome. I assume the author must be a “serious” runner because he was worried about the mere act of listening to music affecting his running performance. I will relinquish the fact that I am a totally different type of runner who runs for fitness, fun and relaxation. As I was reading I kept asking myself the question “Why should I care that this guy has finally decided to join our technology based culture?” I really could care less about his new-found love of running with music because fwiw this is nothing new to me and probably millions of other runners. I have a friend who 2 years ago refused to switch to synthetic fabrics for his running clothes. I even tried to loan him a washed cool-max shirt to run distance with me. He just refused to wear it and would swear by his plain cotton t-shirts. Well, fine, I tried to help him out and show him how technology can better his life, but his chaffed nipples will forever bear the punishment of his stubborn ignorance. Same as the author of the article, ignorance is bliss, because now you will struggle to find all the songs you want to fill up your Coby player (as he stated). I am trying to imagine the enlightened aura around his head when he explores the capabilities of the Nike+/iPod/website combination. Writing criticism about another’s work is not my cup of tea, and I am not trying to be mean or seem arrogant. I get frustrated at some who are late arrivers to techology that has been around for a while and think they have found sliced bread. Especially when they write about it.

    Hey – I love podophile.com. Your site keeps me up on stuff I want to know about. Keep up the good work! I hope some agree with me about the article.