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Angsuman’s Translator Plugin is one of my all-time favorite WordPress plugins. I love making my sites accessible to non-English speakers, who can translate any page by clicking a flag in the sidebar. An added benefit for me is that the translated pages get indexed by Google and other search engines, bringing in lots of traffic from non-English search terms and keywords. Angsuman has just released version 4 of the plugin, which adds support for five languages – Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Russian, and Norwegian – bringing the total to fourteen.

I’m especially excited to have Russian and Arabic support added. While I know computer-generated translations are far from perfect, I hope that their inclusion will help open this site to new audiences.

The upgraded plugin seems to be working pretty well so far, though the Arabic translator is getting hung up on Amazon and YouTube frames when browsing with Firefox 2 under Mac OS X. Pages eventually load, but it’s an annoying lag. I’ve emailed the developer. Hopefully, this is something that can be fixed in a future update.

I’d appreciate feedback from readers who have used the translations, especially regarding readability or any technical glitches. Are they helpful, or just frustrating? I plan to keep the Translation Plugin in my sidebar either way… because sometimes it’s just fun to browse my site in Korean.

Please leave your comments below.

2 Responses to “Podophile International Edition: Now In Five More Languages”

  1. Alex says:

    it’s great to see this kind of website for french :)
    but the translation is a bit awfull sorry :(
    I understand it’s hard to make nice translation but actually i prefer read it in english than in french, it’s more understandable (?).
    Your site is really great, thanx.

  2. Podophile says:

    I suspected that the translations weren’t very good since they’re machine-generated, but I hope they’re somewhat helpful to people who aren’t able to read English at all.

    Thanks for the feedback!