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The best of today’s iPod links:

The Complete Guide To PDFs In iTunes – Make: Blog
Subscribe to PDF podcasts via iTunes. Read the content on your iPod. A good guide to get you started.

Are You Ready For Google-Powered PDFcasts? – SeekingAlpha
More discussion about PDF podcasting and Google’s entry to the PDF publishing business.

Record Labels Contemplate Unrestricted Digital Music – New York Times
It will be interesting to see how Apple responds if major labels drop DRM requirements. Jobs isn’t in any hurry to let iTunes songs play on non-iPods.

Review: Live 6 – Macworld
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ableton Live is my favorite music production application. This review clearly explains how it works, and how it differs from other digital audio workstations. Emphasis on new features in version 6. Five mice!

Prostitutes Using The iPod Video To Increase Turnover – Coolest Gadgets
Gives new meaning to the term “Coming Attractions.”

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