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YojimboI woke up this morning determined to find a reason to write about Yojimbo.

Yojimbo is one of my favorite Akira Kurosowa films, and it’s being re-released tomorrow on DVD as part of the Criterion collection. I was faced with a challenge: How to write an iPod-related piece where I could slip in a mention of the new Yojimbo DVD? Well, Yojimbo just happens to be one of my favorite Mac applications. And, as if the blogging gods were smiling on me, TUAW posted a story this morning about a new Applescript that lets Yojimbo sync with iPods.

For those unfamiliar, Yojimbo is a sweet organizational tool for Mac OS X which lets you collect a wide range of data and documents in an easy-to-sort and search interface. Notes, passwords, serial numbers, bookmarks, even entire web pages. Tools include tag support, encryption, smart folders, labels, and flags. Pretty much any data that you work with on you computer can be quickly collected and stored for easy access. I use Yojimbo to write drafts of stories I’m working on. All of my web research and notes can be saved to one Yojimbo folder, making it easy to find everything as I work.

Steve Kalkwarf’s AppleScript [download] lets users sync any Yojimbo note and password to thier iPod’s notes folder. Just tag the item ‘ipod.’ The Yojimbo items can then be viewed on the iPod’s screen. One nice feature is the ability of the script to break long items into multiple pages for easier navigation and reading. There’s no auto-syncing yet, but there is an option to overwrite previous Yojimbo items.

I can see this being especially handy for people who organize multiple to-do lists or reminders in Yojimbo, and want to have them on-the-go. Personally, I’m still using Actiontastic to manage my to-dos and project lists, and I’m still really happy with its iPod syncing feature. But it’s always nice to have other iPod-friendly options.

Celebrate Yojimbo this week. If you have a Mac, download it. If you have Netflix, add it to your queue.

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