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Podophile 2.0

This blog has come a long way in the six months or so since I launched it. What started as a simple idea for sharing iPod tips and random nonsense with a small circle of friends, has blossomed into a popular destination for iPod fans from around the globe. Over 30,000 unique visitors found their way here in the month of December, and 250 are subscribed to the RSS feed. Well, if that’s not exactly “popular” by Internet standards, it’s certainly more popular than I ever expected.

So with that in mind, I spent a bit of time over the holiday season rethinking some of the initial assumptions I made when setting up this site – largely in terms of user expectations and experience – and decided to make a few changes.

New header image. The old iPod tryptic was too generic and took up far more screen real estate than it had any right to. The new image should help visitors identify the site more quickly, and makes room for at least 100 more pixels of content “above the fold.”

About me. I originally expected that people who read this site would be friends; either from the Internet or from real life. Obviously, a lot of visitors have had absolutely no idea who I am, and more importantly, who I might work for or what my motivations are. With all of the guerrilla blog marketing and pay-per-post schemes popping up these days, I want my readers to be able to connect a real person to this site… and to know that I’m a completely independent iPod fan, just like them. The About tab is at the top of the page.

Full content feed. Alex King’s blog recently pointed me to a post on DevLounge regarding full vs. partial feeds. What can I say? I completely agree. I know that I personally prefer reading full feeds, especially since I’ve started playing with Goolge Reader. So as of today, full Podophile feeds for all.

target=”_blank”. I stumbled across this enlightening discussion on Robert Nyman’s blog about the use of the target attribute and whether or not it’s ever appropriate to force a link to open in a new window. Apparently this has been a hot topic of conversation among web designers for some time, but as I don’t hang out in that world, I was pretty oblivious to it. Suffice it to say that after reading the article, and the comments that follow, I’m putting a stop to the practice on this site. If you want a page to open in a new tab or window, I’ll let you decide that for yourself from now on. (It may take me a while to update all the links on my old posts, but I’m determined to do it.)

Ok, I realize that none of these changes really live up to the expectations that go along with the “2.0″ designation these days; no Flashy menus sliding around or AJAXy windows fading in and out of view. But hey, I did manage to add a reflection to my header graphic. And as far as I’m concerned, reflections are the best part of Web 2.0 anyway.

4 Responses to “Podophile 2.0”

  1. hessi says:

    Daniel, thanks for the full feed.
    Changes like this one are more important than all the other crap “2.0″ is usually about.

  2. julien says:

    Congratulation, I love your blog since I discovered it last month. I have included into my Nike+ Stream page (http://www.00h01.com/?page_id=159)
    Julien from Paris

  3. Beth says:

    Hi Daniel. Thanks so much for adding the “About Me” section. I have been wondering who you are (trying to guess gender, etc.) since I discovered the site a few months ago when I was researching Nike+ shoe hacks.

    Question: Is there a way to e-mail you? I’d like to give you some feedback about The Nonrunner’s Marathon Trainer, which is advertised on your site, and also recommend another book.

    Please e-mail me directly.

    Thanks so much for this site. I love it.


  4. Podophile says:

    All: Thanks for the kind feedback. I’m glad the full RSS feed is appreciated. The number of subscribers is much more interesting to me than the number of visits or pageviews.

    I’ll be adding some more personal information to my About page over the coming week, so if you happen to give a rat’s ass, be sure to check back.

    Beth: You can email me at podophile@podophile.com.