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With the Macworld Conference and Expo just around the corner, I’ve been looking for a good guide to the week’s events that I can carry with me as I push my way through the crowds. As luck would have it, I’ve found two free guides that are formatted for iPod. The Hess Events List and the Unofficial Guide to Macworld ’07 are both hosted at mogopop.com, a new site that lets members publish and download interactive iPod content. Mogopop has been on my radar for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t had the time to explore their site or software. Now I finally had an excuse, and here’s what I’ve found.

First of all, keep in mind the Mogopop is still in beta, which means that they’re still working out the kinks. To download iPod content from the site and put it on your iPod, you first need to download their Mogopop Manager software. This is a small application, available for Mac and Windows, which keeps track of what you’ve downloaded from their site and what you’ve installed on your iPod. A nice thing to know is that, as of this writing, you don’t need to register and account in order to download content or the manager software.

Once you’ve installed the Mogopop Manager, you can download content from their website. On the Mac, I noticed that the Manager software needs to be open in the background when you choose content to download. When your downloaded content shows up in the Manager’s window, it’s ready to transfer to your iPod. If your iPod is connected, just highlight the file you want to transfer and click the transfer arrow. It’s quick and painless.

After you disconnect your iPod, navigate to Extras>Notes to see the content you’ve just downloaded. One big problem is that installing Mogopop content hides all of your ‘regular’ iPod notes. They’re still on your iPod, but don’t show up on the Notes menu. Not an issue if you, like most people, never use iPod notes. But for those of us who keep our to do lists on our iPods, this is a deal-breaker. Mogopop is aware of this issue and is working to correct it. In the meantime, I found that you can use the Mogopop Manager software to uninstall the Mogopop content very easily. After doing so, all of your original notes reappear.

As for the Macworld guides themselves, they both offer a terrific way to keep track of what’s happening where. They work like simple, mini-websites on your iPod, which you can navigate with the scroll wheel and click “links” for more information. The Hess List is a damn-near complete guide to Macworld events and parties, searchable by name, date, and time. The Unofficial Guide includes a list of Macworld exhibitors and booth numbers, nearby restaurants, and even a roundup of rumors. Both guides are super handy. So handy, in fact, that I’m going to try and convert my personal lists into Mogopop format so that I can access them along with these guides while I’m at Macworld.

Mogopop content is compatible with any iPod that has a dock connector, including the mini and the nano. Keep in mind that the guides above are both likely to be updated as more information is announced. Be sure to download the most recent version before heading off to Macworld.

I’ll be writing more about Mogopop as they move out of the beta stage and into a final release.

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