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Yes, I was happy that Nike (finally) released desktop widgets for tracking Nike+iPod workouts and challenge stats, but honestly, no one but me ever sees my desktop. I can’t for the life of me figure out why there isn’t an official Nike+ plugin or widget for popular blogging platforms. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit seems to be catching fire within the tech-savvy blogging community, so it’s a shame that there’s no simple way to share your running accomplishments with your friends. Crusty Bugger has taken matters into his own hands and written a widget that displays cumulative Nike+ stats in a WordPress blog’s sidebar.

Nike Ipod Widget

Crusty’s Nike+iPod Widget doesn’t display any of the fancy-schmancy graphics or animations that you get on the Nikeplus.com site itself, but it does give your friends and readers a quick snapshot of your running progress. In future versions I would love to see an option to display “most recent workout” stats in addition to, or instead of, the cumulative totals, but overall this widget is a great first step.

For the uninitiated, WordPress widgets are small software plugins which add specific functions or information to a page’s sidebar. They are easy to install, activate, and customize right from the WordPress control panel, and generally don’t require any coding skills. For example, all of the sidebar boxes on Podophile.com are individual widgets… one for translation, one for categories, one for YouTube video, etc.

So why don’t I have the Nike+iPod widget displayed in my sidebar? I guess the appeal of the Nike+iPod system for me is more about personal challenges and goals than public competition and recognition. I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good running groove since well before the Nike+iPod system was released, and I don’t want to screw it up by adding the pressure putting my progress up for public scrutiny. For some people that would be motivation… but for me, I think it would take my running out of the realm of being “private time.”

However, being the nerdy geek from Dorkland that I am, I anxiously await further developments from the Nike+iPod plugin world.

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10 Responses to “Nike+iPod WordPress Widget”

  1. Dan says:

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about stalkers/thieves being able to pick up the signals on your Nike+ kits to track your location? if so, is this an immediate threat or just a remote possibility/scare tactic?

  2. Aki says:

    http://www.justdoing.it/ been happening for a while already… RSS feed and Badge creation and not just for WordPress blogs. JDI badge can be added to any webpage.

    Sneak peek to other badge designs.

  3. Podophile says:

    Nice work, Aki & Ernie. Thanks for the links.

  4. [...] Good thing is, I discovered a service called “Justdoing.it” via a blogpost I stumbled upon searching for a wordpress module to include over all running stats. It offers a so called “badge” image to include on your website and you can even see all previous runs in an rss feed. Additionally, they include their own, very detailed graphs for each run, which look like this: [...]

  5. Eric says:

    Ernie posted about his code port already, I’ve improved on it a bit (added caching, some other functions, etc), and am planning on getting run/goal/challenge data available in it also.

    You can see my current release here:

  6. IWorkOutNow says:

    I blogged about a new WordPress widget/plugin that is much better then any others that I have tested. Read more about it here:

    Nike+ Stats

    All stats, plus workout song plus goals can all be displayed on your blog!

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