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The crafty blogger over at Yarn-A-Go-Go has posted instructions on knitting your own shoe pouch for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor. It should be a pretty easy project for someone with basic knitting skills, and the finished product looks much better than most of the other popular “shoe hacks.”

Knit Pouch

Very nice work from a Podophile kindred spirit. In fact, not only do we share an affinity for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit (and an unnatural interest in attaching things to our shoes), but she owns YarnAGoGo.com, and I own QuiltsAGoGo.com. [Note: Don't bother checking, I haven't done anything with that domain yet. Though I'm getting the sudden urge to make a quilted sensor pouch.]

Anyway, this is getting added to my Nike+iPod Shoe Hack and Sensor Accessory Round-Up for sure. If you decide to make one of these knit pouches for yourself, be sure that you secure it tightly to your shoe so that it isn’t able to bounce or move around while running. Excess movement may affect the accuracy of the sensor’s readings. And think about a thin plastic lining if you’re planning to run in the rain. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Start those needles a-knitting!

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4 Responses to “Knit Your Own Nike+iPod Sensor Pouch”

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  2. Rachael says:

    Oooh! QuiltsAGoGo! Love it. Great minds, and all that…. Thanks for the linkage.

  3. [...] Like I said, you don’t need Nike shoes. You can just buy one of the zillion different types of shoe pouches. Or knit your own. Then you plug the wireless receiver to the bottom of your Nano (it’s pretty small, so I’m more worried about losing it when I take it off than anything else) and voila, the Nike+ menu appears on your iPod. [...]

  4. OOh now that is so cool. It’s a step up (pardon the pun) from an iPod mitten knitting pattern that I saw a few years ago.

    As I remember it, it was a wooly mitten with a pouch in it for your iPod. No rain protection or anything like that though.

    I’m sure my gran could knit these up in a
    flash though ;-)