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When Apple originally released their Reset Utility for the first-generation iPod shuffles a few months ago, it literally brought my shuffle back from the dead. My computers had stopped recognizing the shuffle for more than a few seconds at a time, which meant that I could no longer sync it to my iTunes library or make any changes to the contents. It wouldn’t even charge any more. I was too lazy to bring it into an Apple Store to have it looked at, and my laziness was finally rewarded by the release of this utility. When I ran it, my shuffle was not only recognized, but it was restored and working again within five minutes. No problems ever since.

Apple has now released a new version of their iPod Shuffle Reset Utility for first-generation shuffles. Running the Reset Utility will completely erase the contents of your shuffle and restore it with the latest version of shuffle software (1.1.5). Apple originally released the Reset Utility as a fix for iPod shuffles experiencing a range of problems, including not playing music, not syncing with iTunes, not mounting correctly, or not being recognized by the computer at all. I’m not sure what’s new about the new Reset Utility, other than it now installs version 1.1.5 of the shuffle software, instead of the previous 1.1.4.

If you’ve been having any problems with a first generation shuffle, go dig it out of that junk drawer and hook it up with the Reset Utility. It’s like finding a long-lost friend.

Get the iPod Shuffle Reset Utility.

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