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DLO Action Jacket armband for iPod Shuffle
Apple’s new iPod shuffle looks like it’s going to be one of the best-selling gadgets this holiday season, and as we all know, behind every popular iPod comes a tidal wave of accessories. Well, they’re starting to trickle in. One that will certainly be of interest to runners is DLO’s new armband for the second-generation iPod shuffle: The Action Jacket. The armband consists of a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap with a small pouch that holds the shuffle. The pouch features a clear plastic window which allows access to the shuffle’s controls. Why, you may ask, would anyone would need an armband for a small iPod that advertises its built-in clip as a main selling-point? It turns out that while the clip is strong enough to hold onto clothing during normal day-to-day activities, many people report that its grip tends to come loose under the rigors of strenuous exercise.

I’ve never really found armbands to be very comfortable for running, so I would probably pass on this, but for people who like to wear their iPods on their sleeves, the Action Jacket looks pretty nice.

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