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The Webomatica guy hits the nail on the head with his Tragic Signs of iPod Addiction. He’s actually so far gone that he couldn’t stop at just ten tragic signs… he had to go to eleven. Here’s a taste:

2. I suffer from the dreaded iPod headphone tangle. This morning, I encountered not just one set of earphones, but two, tangled together in my jacket pocket. I don’t remember how they both got in there, likely plotting against me. I struggled for nearly a minute to untangle them – nothing is sadder than seeing an iPod addict waiting for the bus, dealing with the evil iPod headphone tangle, desperate to get his morning fix of tunes.

It’s funny because it’s true.

One Response to “Confessions Of An iPod Addict”

  1. Pushka says:

    There are entries on ipod hack websites that tell you how to wrap your earphones around your ipod without damaging them / them coming off..