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Luna iPod Alarm Clock

Luna iPod alarm clockI may have just met the iPod alarm clock of my dreams… and her name is Luna. XtremeMac’s Luna is a great-looking bedside alarm clock/radio/stereo system that’s compatible with iPod minis, iPod nanos, 4G iPods, and 5G iPods (video) via a top docking port, and most any other audio player (including older iPods and the iPod shuffle) via AUX-IN. The Luna offers two separate alarms with independent source (iPod, radio, or buzzer) and volume controls. There’s also gradually increasing and decreasing volume options for wake and sleep, and customizable snooze from 1 to 60 minutes and sleep from 1 to 90 minutes, and a battery-powered remote. But my favorite feature is the adjustable brightness on the clock display. Those of you who have tried the iHome iPod alarm clock know why this is important.

I haven’t yet heard how the Luna sounds, but they’re touting it as a stereo system that’s “enough to fill any room in your home with high-quality sound,” so I’m optimistic that it will be more than fine for my bedroom. Speaking of which, my one gripe about the Luna is its size. It appears to have a very big footprint for a unit that’s supposed to fit on a night-stand. I would gladly give up a little “room-filling sound” in exchange for a more compact solution.

The XtremeMac Luna at Amazon.com.

3 Responses to “Luna iPod Alarm Clock”

  1. CD says:

    This looks like its going to be great…gonna pre-order one now.

  2. speedball says:

    Hi, ist das Teil angekommen? Bin auch ganz scharf auf den neuen Wecker, gib mal Feedback, ob das Gadget rockt:)

  3. [...] When XtermeMac announced the Luna iPod alarm clock in November, it really grabbed my attention. I’m not the kind of person who drools over every shiny new iPod gadget that comes along, and I’ve never given more than a passing thought to buying an iPod alarm clock, but the Luna’s combination of features and design was pretty irresistible. I finally broke down and bought one from XtremeMac’s booth at Macworld last week. After sleeping with Luna for a few nights, I’ve found it to be an attractive bedside companion… with a few annoying quirks. [...]