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Grantwood Technology today announced the release of their new Shoe Pouch which allows users to attach the Nike+iPod sensor to the laces of any brand of running shoe.

According to their website, the Shoe Pouch is made from “stretchable fabric” and attaches to the shoe by threading the laces through what appear to be four elastic loops. There’s no indication on the site as to what material the pouch is actually made of, or whether it is water-proof.

At $5.99 (plus $2.00 shipping), the Shoe Pouch is quite reasonably priced compared to Marware’s $10 SportSuit Sensor+, but is still pricier than the widely available Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle ($4.00). Additionally, since both the Marware and Case Logic products attach to your laces using velcro, they are easy to remove from your shoe and don’t require un-lacing to do so. Still, the Shoe Pouch appears to be a practical and affordable solution.

Grantwood Shoe Pouch

The Shoe Pouch is scheduled to begin shipping on November 1st.

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11 Responses to “New Shoe Pouch Announced for Nike + iPod”

  1. Sara says:

    Thanks for keep us updated on the new accessories compaticle with the Sport Kit. I am debating what to buy.

    Have you seen any armbands or belt clip cases that are comatible with the receiver that plugs into the ipod? It seems like the Marware Relay is the only thing out there and that most armbands wont accomodate the receiver.

    Is there another product I don’t know about? What do you do with yours?


  2. podophile says:

    The only other armband I know of that fits the nano and receiver is the Nike+ armband. Personally, I don’t like armbands. They either feel too tight or too loose to me… it’s distracting. My running shorts have a small pocket near the waistband that I keep my nano in. My nano itself is wrapped with an Invisible Shield clear plastic skin.

  3. Tony Gee says:

    Just saw this on ilounge.com, thought I would pass it along


    could be perhaps one of the best aftermarket products fro the Nike + kit

  4. Sara says:

    Do you know of any other cases that accomodate the receiver yet?

  5. Tony Gee says:

    Sara, check out http://www.marware.com

    They have a arm/wrist band that will accomodate the receiver and allows you to wear it on your wrist. I believe its called the Relay.

  6. Tony Gee says:

    ok disregard my last comment.

    But a lot of cases keep the bottom of the case open so you can dock or connect the cable without having to remove it out of the case. You might want to try one of those.

  7. Susie says:

    Thanks so much for all the info! I just purchased this for my fiance for Christmas, thought he’d need to get new shoes, was very disappointed for about three minutes, then Googled a few key words and found this site. Wonderful!

    I have one question for you all… If you have used the transmitted attached to the laces, does it bother you at all? My fiance has mentioned that the smallest things can really bother him when he’s running. Does that bit of weight on the top of your foot become more noticable as you run?

    Thanks much for any input! :)

  8. Beth says:

    Just wondering if anyone else has found a good case that will accomodate the receiver. I don’t want to use an armband because it is too conspicuous.

    The case I have been using (before ordering the sport kit) was the Incase flip case, which I just love because it completely hides the Nano, but when attached to a belt, I can easily flip it down to see the screen. Unfortunately, it covers the dock connector port.

    I just want to find some kind of temporary solution until someone comes up with the perfect case to accomodate the receiver. Ideas?

  9. Chapps says:

    Tony, that new RunAway from Switcheasy looks great. Very smart — completely waterproofed. This will make getting a couple of Nike+/iPod gifts for Christmas all the sweeter. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  10. SmoothRunner says:

    Love my Shoe Pouch! Its not fancy, but it is snug and accurate and you do not feel it at all. The runaway looks good, but a buddy told me that hers rocks/slops around your laces and is hard and accuracy is an issue. same with the marware one, macaddict said it had accuracy issues and that one is $10 with $6 bux shipping.

  11. Tony Gee says:

    Ok, I finally took the Switcheasy out, and wore it during a race, nevcer noticed it on my shoes. but it did “spin” off of its lock. but the way it was designed so it hooks around the laces and it did. I am not sure if it affected the accuracy (I have never calibrated mine) but at teh 1 mile mark it read 1.09 miles (course was not certified so I dont even know if that was the right spot for the cone)But it is definitely a great product. Well built looks like the actual product. And as a benefit it comes with two caps for the receiver and it allows you to slide the reciever into the product so you have some place to store it, when not on your nano.