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More good news for Nike+iPod users: Nike has added support forums to their popular Nike+ website. In contrast to the Nike+iPod support forums on Apple’s website, Nike’s discussion forums aren’t limited to just hardware and software troubleshooting. Set up to function as a community of Nike+iPod users, the site encourages discussion of general running topics, setting and achieving goals, meeting other Nike+iPod runners for online challenges, announcing events, comparing Nike+iPod stats, and general feedback on the range of Nike+iPod products. In addition, there is also a section for hardware and software questions and troubleshooting.

As the forums have only been online for a couple of days at this point (and I was unable to access them for most of the day yesterday) it’s still too early to tell how heavily moderated and edited the forums will be, but I’m hoping Nike will allow a wide range of opinions and experiences to be voiced without interference from moderators (including tips on using the Sport Kit with non-Nike shoes).

Participation in the discussion forums is open to all registered members of the Nike+ website. Registration is free.

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