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Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

There are already a number of good options for attaching the Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor to a non Nike+ shoe, but in my opinion the best continue to be the ones that weren’t originally designed for the job. Marware was the first to market with their dedicated SportSuit Sensor+ pouch, but even Nike’s own shoe wallet is less expensive and more versatile. It turns out there’s another product that works very well as a Nike+ shoe pouch and is half the cost of the Nike wallet: The $3.99 Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle.

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

This finger-sized neoprene pouch is widely available at large office supply and electronics stores in the U.S. (I bought mine at OfficeMax) and through a number of online retailers. It features a velcro closure, two clear plastic pockets which fit the Nike+iPod sensor perfectly, and a metal clip for a keychain or other hanging storage.

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

The Nike+ sensor fits snugly in both pockets of the case. I chose to put it in what would be the top pocket, making sure that the sensor would be orange-side-up when the case was folded over my laces.

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

In order to slide the bottom part of the case under my laces, it was necessary to loosen them pretty substantially. Even then, sliding it all the way down took significantly more effort than clipping on Nike’s shoe wallet. Also, depending on the size and width of you shoe, you may have to experiment a bit with the placement of the case in order to expose enough velcro for a secure closure. Ultimately, I found that attaching the USB case before putting my foot in the shoe was the easiest way to go, and it became much easier after a few tries.

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

Once in place and folded over, the case was secure and snug on my shoe. Due to the extra bulk under the laces, I had to re-tie my shoe several times to get a comfortable fit, but once I found it I couldn’t really feel the case on my shoe when running or walking.

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

I only ran for one mile, but the case performed as well as I had expected. The velcro popped open once very early in the run, but after re-closing it I didn’t have any other problems. If you make sure that you have a tight seal before you start running, the case shouldn’t have any problems staying closed. I’d be interested to hear from any long distance runners whether or not the case will stay securely fastened after 10+ miles.

The Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle comes in three colors (blue, grey, and red).

Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle

Many thanks to reader “Susan” for pointing this one out.

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4 Responses to “Another Cheap Nike + iPod Shoe Pouch Option: Case Logic USB Shuttle”

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  3. [...] Case Logic USB Shuttle ($4) This finger-sized neoprene case was made to hold two USB flash drives, but it turns out that its just the right size for the Nike+iPod sensor. One end of the case slides down under your shoe laces, while the other folds over and attaches with velcro. It provides a snug ride for the sensor, and the velcro holds pretty well, though I’d be tempted to add a little extra if I used this every day. [...]

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