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We’ve got iPods connected to our cars, our alarm clocks, our TVs, our jeans, our winter coats, and yes, even our shoes. So what could be the next frontier of iPod integration? With the recent announcement of Adonis Furniture’s iRocker 250 chair, I guess you could say this is the dawning of the Age of iPod Furniture.

The iRocker 250 is billed as an “Interactive Sound Chair” that includes an iPod dock built-in to the armrest, an iPod compatible infra-red remote, and a standard audio cable for connecting any other music player or game system. The chair also features an integrated 4″ full-range Alltek Vision speaker system and optional sub-woofer. It currently comes in six micro-fiber color combinations and adjusts to four reclining positions. Ironically, the $319 iRocker 250 doesn’t appear to be an actual rocking chair.

iRocker Game Chair

It’s hard to imagine anyone over 30 climbing in and out of a chair that low to the ground, but I guess this sort of thing might appeal to well-off high-school students. As for Adonis’ claim that the iRocker is a “first-of-its-kind” product, those of us around in the 1970s know better. Who didn’t covet the pinnacle of space-age style, comfort, and sound… The Sphere Chair (and its cousin, The The Egg Chair). Now, if somebody would just come out with an affordable iPod Egg Chair…

1970's Sphere Chair

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2 Responses to “iRocker: The iPod Chair”

  1. Podophile says:

    Just a footnote: I also seem to remember that there was a Sharper Image iJoy massage chair with a built-in iPod cable and compartment in the armrest (though not a dock connector).

  2. I.K. says:

    I have the iRocker 250 and was quite disappointed with the quality of the speakers. They sound really cheesy, like a cheap CD player with the bass jacked all the way up. Things sound muddy and would be painful for anyone used to iPod earbud quality sound.

    I bought this primarily as a video game chair, and again, all the sound effects and especially voices sound like they are coming through a door.

    I guess the worst thing about this product is the fact that every time you start a new track on your iPod-or cut to any new scene in a video game, there is a delay before the chair registers the sound. That is to say, for 3 seconds, you hear nothing (or if you run the chair in-line with you home stereo like me-you only here the tv/stereo for those three seconds) until the chair finally registers what is happening. Quite exasperating.

    I have tried other chair and this is not a factor.

    Once again, for the substantial price tag, very, very disappointed.