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Levi's Redwire iPod Jeans

Somehow I missed this (or ignored it) when first announced earlier this year, but Levi’s RedWire DLX Jeans seem to be one step closer to reality with the first photos now starting to appear on the Net.

Levi’s original press release for the RedWire DLX Jeans claimed that they would have an iPod dock and remote control built-in to the pocket, and would come complete with a set of retractable headphones. The photos seem to confirm all of this, but holy cow!! — Is it me, or does anyone else think it looks like a complete mess? What’s the point of having shuffle-like control buttons sewn into the pocket if you still have to wear a white plastic brick on your waist? Why not just use an iPod Radio Remote instead? And what’s up with the gratuitously long, red connector cord? It’s the very opposite of the seamlessly integrated experience one should expect form this type of solution. Instead, it just looks like a bunch of unnecessary crap that they stuck on a pair of jeans. Lose the white plastic brick, lose the integrated headphones, lose the long red strap, and just give me a set of controls that I can easily access while the iPod is in my pocket. At $200 I honestly don’t know who Levi’s thinks the market is for the RedWire DLX jeans, except for maybe the most fashion-blind, conspicuous consumer. I can’t wait to see these in person.

Thanks to GadgetTV.net for the link.

Thanks to Levi’s for the laughs…

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4 Responses to “First Look At Levi’s iPod Jeans…OMG!!”

  1. Ernie Oporto says:

    The red cord looks like it’s inside the pocket most of the time until the iPod is pulled out. Might be handy to keep the iPod from getting pickpocketed, but I hope it comes in black. But for $200? I don’t think so. I don’t see the point of the buttons at all when the iPod itself has a perfectly good set to begin with AND ITS ALREADY RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET!! Do they really think that everyone is so lazy that they need a remote 6″ away from the device?

    At that point, some cargo pants with good zippers will do just as good.

  2. Christina Warren says:

    I’m pretty sure the “brick” is actually what their press release called the “handy wire retractor” that is attached to the headphones. It looks like it could just fit in the watch holder…at least I’m hoping, for Levi’s sake that it can be fit in the watch holder. As far as the red strip, I’m sure that too is almost always invisible when the ipod is in the “docked” pocket. These aren’t their official press release photos, so hopefully this is just something to show off how everything works/what is included. If the retractor can be put in a pocket, and the jeans are cute, I would consider buying a pair (I pay that much for jeans anyway, might as well get a pair that can hold my iPod — if they are cute that is). The initial pictures don’t wow me, but I really like the idea.
    The pocket controls really could be handy for riding on the subway or walking down the street or sitting someplace where it is inopportune to manually pull out the iPod…but for me anyway, the biggest push would actually be having the pocket built into the jeans so that it doesn’t A) create an unnecessary bulge and B) provide people like me (a 23 year old chick with a very small frame) with a way to actually conseal an iPod in clothes period (try fitting an iPod video into the pocket of a size 0 pair of regular jeans…doesn’t work that well). Of course all of this is useless unless the jeans actually look good and will fit well. Personally, rather than incorporating this in jeans, I would be interested to see something like this (even with a visible headphone retractor) in running shorts/pants.

  3. Podophile says:

    I’m just not sure how having an iPod + a headphone brick + a long red strap all stuffed in your pockets is supposed to be more functional or convenient or fashionable than just an iPod and the standard earbuds. I’ve never had a problem skipping tracks or adjusting the volume of my iPod when it’s in my jeans pocket.

    I’m guessing these jeans solve a problem that very few people have, in a way that very few people ever wished for. Why not just add a separate iPod-sized pocket inside the front pocket and leave it at that? Like an iPod case built into your jeans. I think Levi’s has *way* over-engineered their product.

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