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Sportsuit Sensor+ for Nike+iPod

Marware seems to be the first major iPod accessory maker to the Nike+iPod game with the introduction today of the Sportsuit Sensor+.

iLounge is reporting that the The Sportsuit Sensor+ is a neoprene and rubber pouch for the Nike+iPod sensor that features a velcro closure and attaches to the laces of any standard running shoe (hmm… sounds familiar). Marware says the Sportsuit Sensor+ is easily attached and removed from the shoe via a small rubber strap that slides underneath the laces, and will protect the sensor from the elements.

Marware Sportsuit Sensor+Not having having seen one in person, it seems as though it’s a decent solution for $10, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work just fine. Nike’s $8 shoe wallet still seems to be a better deal, considering it’s less expensive and can be used for more than just the Nike+iPod transmitter. And of course, nothing beats the price of a little DIY shoe-modding.

Marware’s Sportsuit Sensor+ is now shipping.

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14 Responses to “New Marware Pouch For Nike+iPod Sensor”

  1. Tony Gee says:

    I emailed Marware as soon as the kit came out, to find out if they were going to make a Runabout (one of there Nano cases, that straps to your wrist)that would fit the nano plus reciever. The response I got was that they would pass it on. By the looks of this, they might just be working on it.

  2. Susan says:

    oh this is soooo cool. must have this.

  3. Natalie says:

    Just got mine yesterday…check photo on my Flickr thread!
    Just one word of advice…make sure you put the sensor in so that it ends up LOGO SIDE FACE UP once it is attached to your shoe. That means when you slide it into the pouch it will look upside-down. I had it in upside down at first and had all kinds of crazy results, which freaked me out at first, until I realized what was going on! Otherwise, this product is great and it makes it really easy to put the sensor on and off your running shoes, and looks pretty cool. I recalibrated mine to make sure I’d get good results since the sensor is now in a slightly different position than I had it before (under the tongue) and it is reading very accurate so far. I ordered mine directly off Marware’s site.

  4. portmeister says:

    im sorry Susan but that would be useless….

  5. Podophile says:

    @Susan – I’m glad you’re getting good results with the Marware product. I hope the documentation that comes with it specifies that the sensor needs to be logo-side-up.

    @Portmeister – What are you talking about??

  6. Susan says:

    Forget that…go to your local Office Depot and look in the scan drive aisle and you’ll find a $3.95 caselogic usb drive holder.
    It’s basically a neoprene strip like marware’s, with two plastic pouches inside and a clip on the end.
    It works great. You just push the sensor down one of the pouches, flip it over your laces and secure the velcro and you’re off.
    It’s great because the other pouch will hold the ipod sensor when I’m done. No more worrying about where the second piece is.

    And for $3.95 you can’t beat it.

  7. LJW says:

    Thanks Susan! Just picked up one of those Case Logic cases at Office Depot, and it’s perfect. Wouldn’t have known to look there without your post.

  8. Podophile says:

    Great find Susan! I’ll be on the lookout for one of those Case Logic cases as soon as soon as I return home from vacation (I’m posting this from a cruise ship in the Caribbean). Regular updates to the site will resume on or about Oct. 10th. Happy running!

  9. [...] There are already a number of good options for attaching the Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor to a non Nike+ shoe, but in my opinion the best continue to be the ones that weren’t originally designed for the job. Marware was the first to market with their dedicated SportSuit Sensor+ pouch, but even Nike’s own shoe wallet is less expensive and more versatile. It turns out there’s another product that works very well as a Nike+ shoe pouch and is half the cost of the Nike wallet: The $3.99 Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle. [...]

  10. [...] At $5.99 (plus $2.00 shipping), the Shoe Pouch is quite reasonably priced compared to Marware’s $10 “SportSuit Sensor+, but is still pricier than the widely available Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle ($4.00). Additionally, since both the Marware and Case Logic products attach to your laces using velcro, they are easy to remove from your shoe and don’t require un-lacing to do so. [...]

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I have found your information very useful and now know what I am going to to buy. I will post again once I give it a try.

  12. [...] Marware SportSuit Sensor+ ($10) This was the first product released specifically for the Nike+iPod sensor and uses velcro to attach the pouch to the outside of your shoe laces. Designed by Marware, one of the larger iPod accessory makers, the SportSuit Sensor+ is a very high-quality product, but I’ve read reports of people having difficulty attaching it to their laces tightly enough to prevent unwanted movement of the pouch. And as we know by now, a loose pouch or sensor will lead to inaccurate readings. [...]

  13. [...] use the Marware pouch for the sensor and an XtremeMac SportWrap for the Nano with the bottom sliced open to accomodate the Nike+ addon. [...]

  14. Alexandra says:

    I know I’m late to reply but I wanted to add that there are some accessories that claim to be “weather-proof” but I accidentally machine-washed and dried my sensor and it is still working!, so you don’t need a water resistant sensor case.