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Nike Running Shoe Wallet

When I pre-ordered the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, my initial idea was to buy a shoe wallet, made for holding keys and I.D. while you run, and attach it to my laces with the transmitter inside. But on the day it arrived I realized I still hadn’t managed to get off my butt and find a shoe wallet. Luckily, when I saw how small the transmitter actually was, I realized that I could easily attach it to my shoe under the laces, and my velcro shoe mod was born. Despite how simple and thrifty the mod is, I still receive comments and email from people who are wondering if the transmitter works with a shoe wallet. In service to those people, I laid down my hard-earned cash to find out.

The obvious choice for me was to go with the Nike Running Shoe Wallet. Since this site may have cost Nike thousands of dollars worth of shoe sales, I figured it was the least I could do. And I do think it’s the best looking of all shoe wallets on the market. So while I was in San Francisco today for the SF Marathon (just watching, not running), I decided to swing by the Niketown store in Union Square and pick one up.

Nike Running Shoe Wallet

The first thing I noticed was the reasonable price… eight dollars. It’s a sleek, almost shoe-shaped neoprene pouch in two-tone grey with reflective trim and a velcro closure on the flap.

Nike Running Shoe Wallet

I had expected a velcro strap on the back as well, but instead there’s a plastic clip that slides down behind your laces.

Nike Running Shoe Wallet

The clip has a small plastic tab on the end that keeps the pouch from sliding back up as you run, similar to a standard belt clip.

Nike Running Shoe Wallet

The transmitter fits inside the pouch with room to spare. I’m guessing that if the transmitter can slide around inside the pouch, it may affect its accuracy. So to keep it from moving around while I ran, I folded up half a Kleenex and stuffed it inside the pouch as well.

Nike Running Shoe Wallet

I did a quick one-mile run and the transmitter measured it perfectly. The Nike Shoe Wallet was remarkably stable and comfortable on my shoe; I actually forgot about it after a couple of blocks. I ran back to my starting point and received another perfect one-mile reading on my iPod. I would say that using the shoe wallet is every bit as accurate as the velcro shoe mod.

One last thing to mention: There are several other companies that market shoe wallets, and I’d love to provide a rundown of all of them. Unfortunately, my site has been plagued by numerous spammy comments from at least two of these companies. They’re disguised as glowing testimonials from satisfied customers (which were fishy to begin with), but it didn’t take much detective work figure out what was going on. I’m a big fan of free speech, but don’t care for people taking advantage of it to deceive my readers.

Therefore, so there’s no confusion or hurt feelings, here’s my position on the subject:

  • Shoe wallets do work as a way of using the Nike+iPod Sport Kit with any brand of running shoes, and it probably doesn’t matter much which shoe wallet you use.
  • If you’d like to shop around for brands other than Nike’s, it’s very simple to search the Internet for them.
  • I encourage people to discuss their experiences with shoe wallets here, but any endorsement or link to a specific brand or store will be edited.
  • If you own a shoe wallet company and would like to advertise your products on this site, you can sign up for Google Adwords (), or you can contact me directly (podophile@podophile.com).

Shoe wallets offer a simple, affordable way to get the Nike+iPod Sport Kit working with non-Nike shoes. If you’re uncomfortable with putting velcro on your shoe, or don’t like the look of the transmitter under the laces, they’re probably the best way to go.

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  • 32 Responses to “Nike Running Shoe Wallet with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit”

    1. Guy says:

      Now if only they made it a little smaller and more oval and could only fit the run-kit transmitter… ;-)

      I think making a tiny case that clips right onto your shoelaces would sell like hotcakes. Nike isn’t very smart about trying to push their sneakers if they know runners at all and how they stick with their particular brand of sneakers.

    2. Podophile says:

      Nike is smart enough to know that they CAN’T push their shoes on runners who are already loyal to another brand, which may be why they didn’t just build the sensors into the shoes permanently. Think of the Sport Kit as Nike’s “gateway drug” for the running community. They may not ever sell us shoes, but they’re hoping it will lead to sales of other apparel and accessories… yes, even shoe wallets.

    3. Guy says:

      You’re probably right. It doesn’t just stop with the hardware, people are spending huge amounts of cash on the accessories…which is why it would be reasonable for them to start thinking about an attachment kit if/when they see that their sneaker sales are far below their expectations.

      Otherwise I suppose Belkian will come out with something. In the meantime I’ve been thinking about a way to attach a clip using crazy glue, or a sleeve with a clip attached to it. Admittedly I don’t go through shoes that quickly, but it would be more convenient to just pop the transmitter on and off without taking out the needle and thread every time you switch sneakers.

    4. Joe College says:

      Are you going to use the shoe wallet or the velcro ?

    5. Podophile says:

      I’m sticking with the velcro under my laces for now. I only switch shoes every 6 – 8 months, so making eight stitches twice a year doesn’t really inconvenience me. I’ll find another use for the shoe wallet.

    6. [...] Not having having seen one in person, it seems as though it’s a decent solution for $10, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work just fine. Nike’s $8 shoe wallet still seems to be a better deal, considering it’s less expensive and can be used for more than just the Nike+iPod transmitter. And of course, nothing beats the price of a little DIY shoe-modding. [...]

    7. Derik says:

      Great idea… I got the Nike Wallet for $6.95 at Academy Sports. Then I cut
      one of those foam beer/coke can holders in the shape of the wallet
      with a hole for the transmitter. It fits nice and firm. The transmitter does
      not move at all.

    8. Billy says:

      anybody figure out how to make this device work with the IPOD Mini yet?

    9. Wyatt says:

      Yeah, along the same lines as Billy, would the iPod Sport Kit work with my Video iPod? I was thinking of buying the kit, and after seeing your shoe mod I’m definitely going to get one, unless it won’t work with my video iPod.

    10. Podophile says:

      Sorry Wyatt and Billy, the Sport Kit only works with the iPod nano at this time. If you try to attach it to any other kind of iPod, the screen will tell you that the device is not compatible. I’m not aware of any hacks to get around this.

      On the bright side, you can usually find refurbished nanos on Apple’s website at a nice discount. And if the rumors of new nanos being released soon are true, the original nanos will probably be marked down even more.

    11. Joann23270 says:

      Is there an armband for the Nano that accommodates the Nano with the Nike sensor?

    12. Podophile says:

      The only armband I know of at this time that fits the nano and receiver dongle is the one made by Nike. Sorry, I don’t have a link handy but you can find it at Apple’s online store. Make sure it’s the Nike+ armband and you’ll be good to go. Hopefully more 3rd party products will be coming soon.

    13. Belkin makes one.. 14.99 at CompUSA
      slotted on the bottom, so the connector can
      just stick out

      not fully h2o proof though

    14. handlebarks says:

      Marware just came out with the Sportsuit Relay – armband and pouch.

    15. askmrlee says:

      I got this for $5.99 + tax at the Nike Outlet in Milpitas, CA. It was at one of check out stands and they only had a few left last week.

      However, the running pace displayed shows me going slower with the shoe wallet vs. sticking the transmitter under the tongue of my shoe and lacing in a way to hold the transmitter in. I am using a treadmill to calibrate. Perhaps it is off because the transmitter is now a a little bit higher than if it was inside my shoe?

    16. [...] There are already a number of good options for attaching the Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor to a non Nike+ shoe, but in my opinion the best continue to be the ones that weren’t originally designed for the job. Marware was the first to market with their dedicated SportSuit Sensor+ pouch, but even Nike’s own shoe wallet is less expensive and more versatile. It turns out there’s another product that works very well as a Nike+ shoe pouch and is half the cost of the Nike wallet: The $3.99 Case Logic USB Drive Shuttle. [...]

    17. [...] Since I’m getting more into running, I also bought a Nike+iPod running kit. Basically, it’s a wireless acceleromater that links with your iPod to inform you in real-time of speed, distance and time. Because I didn’t want to buy Nike shoes (I’m very happy with my pair of Asics), I attached the acceleromater via a shoe wallet. It looks like I need to re-calibrate the device, since it was off about 300m on a 5k run, but apart from that, it worked really well! [...]

    18. icant says:

      I think a clothes peg, some tape, and a small plastic bag (cut to size) would work to attach the sensor to shoe laces.

      i.e. put the sensor in a plastic bag. Roll it up and tape shut. Then tape the plastic bag containing the sensor to the clothes peg. Then clip the clothes peg to one of the laces, while burying the body of the clothes peg within the other laces.

      Should be quite secure, discreet, and removable.

      Replace clothes peg with small alligator clip (you know, the ones used for those Hipster PDAs), or a belt clip (you know, the ones used to clip a Palm handheld to ones belt), as required.

    19. ilone says:

      You dont wnat to mod or use a vidoe ipod. Only nanao and down. They are flash mem where anything over 8 gigs is a hard drive “hard drive plus jarring from running = skippage”

    20. [...] – Dans la catégorie détournement de fonction, j’ai trouvé quelques idées avec du potentiel sur le web. Dommage juste que cela soit rarement esthétique comme le nike shoe wallet que je trouve très gros ou encore une housse neoprene de protection de clé USB: énorme! [...]

    21. bngky says:

      i had the nike shoe wallet you bought. exactly the same one. it used to be my loyal companion when i go on runs, short or long. it was home to my keys and miscellaneous small stuff that need housing while i run. yes it’s so comfy that i don’t realise there’s anything on my shoe when i first tried it. however, the clip isn’t that elastic and after about a few mths of constant usage, i lost it during a cross terrain 10km run. i didn’t even notice it was missing until after i completed the race! so becareful when you put your expensive-looking transmitter in that shoe wallet. you might end up losing it during your runs!

    22. [...] The Nike Running Shoe Wallet ($8) This neoprene “wallet” was designed to carry a runner’s keys, cash, and any other small items you might need on the trail. It attaches to the shoe via a plastic clip that slides between the the tongue and the laces. It makes a nice pouch for the Nike+iPod sensor, but is quite roomy, allowing the sensor to move and bounce around while running. Since this will give you inaccurate results, you should stuff some tissue or paper towels into the pouch to help keep the sensor snug. It may require some experimentation to get it right. Another issue is that over time, the shoe wallet’s clip can become loose, which might lead to the wallet falling off of your shoe. I’ve posted a lacing method that will prevent this from happening. It should be noted that there are other brands of shoe wallets on the market, but because the differences between them are minor, I won’t list them all here. [...]

    23. Jos says:

      I’ve read some postings about armbands for the ipod nano. I bought a silicon skin at ebay (hongkong shop) for $2 plus $3 or $4 shipping. It comes with a velcro armband that goes through the back of the skin and a strap to hang it around your neck (not recomended for running this strap). The armband works perfect. At the beginning I was a little afraid the nano would fall out of the skin, but now i’m very confident it will stay there. I would recommend it. It works and is cheap, the display is open, so you can read the info.

    24. [...] The fellows at Podphile nailed this one! Please check out their blog for the most detailed explanation I have ever seen on this issue. [...]

    25. voxchaos says:

      i lifted the insole of my shoe and under the heal, carved a hole in the foam with an xacto knife just big enough for the transmitter to fit in. replaced the insole and went off running. i can’t even feel the transmitter while i run and it worked perfectly. its just that its dificult to navigate the nano while you’re running or trying to record splits. (tick-tick), and the time gets messed up while you’re trying to stop or restart the thing.

    26. [...] read several comments recently, both here and at other sites, about the clip-on Nike Running Shoe Wallet becoming loose and falling off of [...]

    27. Steffen says:

      Just stumbled upon your post. I use both this Nike show wallet for my keys I bought at a Niketown shop in NYC 2 years ago and a Mar*ware Nike+ receiver wallet. I found that accuracy wasn’t *that* good when I stuffed the receiver in the wallet mentioned here so I went for the additional Nike+ receiver pouch which always stays attached to the shoes.

      Greetings from Germany,

    28. Matt28hew says:

      Great feedback on this site. I purchased the Nike+ nano kit about 18 months ago. Giving up my current running shoes to buy the custom Nike shoe wasn’t too attractive to me. Seemed like a way to trick people into buying Nike shoes when a simple action of sticking the sensor under your laces (for any shoe) would work exactly the same. Though I did some comparisons. My first question was if the oval transmiter was connected to the Nike show, like a plug of some sort. When I pulled apart a shoe in the Nike store I realized there was no plug and no real reason to buy the show. The transmitter will work independently from he shoe. I have been looking for a shoe wallet to carry ID and keys etc…, Sometimes the little pocket in the shorts gets too full. Suggestion…don’t buy the Nike shoe if you don’t have to. The slip under the laces method has worked great for me, and there is absolutely no rubbing. It has never fallen out and is secured by the tightness of your shoes being tied. The shoe wallet will add a more comfortable way to carry other items, but not necessarily needed for the transmitter. I’ll be prchasing a shoe wallet this afternoon.

    29. Leo Garrido says:

      In january I bought a Nike Shoe wallet to use with the nike sensor, but my opinion is that the accuracy is not so good (maybe because it shakes a lot). Here in Brazil where I live I used to run 10km in the beach, but the sensor show only 9.5km (a big difference in my opinion). I’ll try to grab it better with a velcro or something else to see if the accuracy will became better…
      I would like to see some invetion to put the sensor insole, I think it would be the best solution to wear the sensor with another running shoes than the nike ones.
      Congratulations for this site.. very good!!

      Greetings from Brazil!!
      Leo Garrido

    30. Rob says:

      Everyone seems to forgetting a basic principal in personal/home protection. You should never keep ID/address in same place as key. Can you say very dumb. I see a poster here lost their Nike shoe wallet. Don’t ever put keys and ID together.

      So this leaves me with the question, where do I put he following:

      - ID (name & number /emergency contact/allergy info etc)

      - keys

      - IPOD or whatever (personally another silly thing to do, since you should never have anything that distracts/blocks your hearing…you need to hear everything all around you). IPODs = bad running safety.

    31. askmrlee says:

      Well this solution worked for a while, until the shoe wallet flew off on a run. I can no longer recommend this as a solution.

      No warning until I heard “transmission lost” or something like that during the workout. Retraced my steps and couldn’t find it. Fortunately, I did NOT have my keys or ID or any valuables.

      Where do you put the ID, etc? My running shorts have a small inner pocket to carry one or two keys, plus one ID. There are also wrist wallets that could serve the purpose for those who insist on pocket-less shorts.

      For my iPod nano, I use a great InCase case that could be clipped, secured in your hands with a strap or work with an armband. I prefer the hand held option, because it is easier to see the screen and control the music. Looks like they don’t make this combo set any more.

      iPods bad running safety. It is only unsafe and distracting if you you cannot hear anything around you. which of course you shouldn’t do this. Don’t assume that everyone wearing headphones is deaf to the world.

    32. Podophile says:

      Mr Lee – Too bad you didn’t see my follow-up post, Nike Shoe Wallet Revisited:

      It illustrates a very simple way to tie your laces around the pouch flap to prevent the pouch from coming off your shoe.