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Continuing my series of “Power Song” recommendations for your Nike+iPod workout.

Let’s jet over to Paris where French R&B diva, and former 800-meters running champion, Nadiya recently scored a major hit with today’s power song Tous Ces Mots (All These Words).

I would attempt to describe this song myself, but John Seroff at Stylus Magazine has already said everything I was thinking:

Holy Bejesus; this is my guilty pleasure of the year right here! Eighties as f**k, “Tous Ces Mots” is a velveetastic Godzilla powered cocktail of “Eye of the Tiger,” mindless Redman-wannabe rap breaks, a clap track that won’t take no for an answer, splashy hi-hats, squealing tires and a wash of paint-by-numbers synths straight out of a John Hughes movie. It is SO good; it makes me feel like I’m racing down Broadway in a supercharged ’78 Chevy Nova with a trio of topless supermodels while we all do X, chug Jack Daniels out of the bottle and power-scarf pints of Ben and Jerry’s. There are also video games involved in there, somewhere. I am not being facetious here. This is what I want out of music. This is what I want out of life. I WANNA BREAK! DOWN!

The song’s in French with a bit of English rapping, but you don’t need to understand the words to understand the groove. This is currently my most-played power song.

2 Responses to “Power Song of the Day: Tous Ces Mots by Nadiya”

  1. tom says:

    if you like that Nadia song, you should also check out these other tracks made by her: ‘Roc’, ‘Et C’est Parti’ and ‘Si Loin De Vous’. All three very similar to ‘Tout Ces Mots’ and probably fit for a power song

  2. If loving my iPod is wrong, then, I don’t wanna be right….hmm…sounds like an old Rod Stewart song….hehehehe…anyway, yeah, I’ve heard of Nadiya and this song is indeed a great power song! You have good choices for music! I like it!