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Memorex iFlip for iPod

iLounge is reporting that Memorex has announced a new video player accessory for the iPod with video: The iFlip. The iFlip will feature an 8.4 inch LCD screen with a native resolution of 480 x 234. Built-in speakers can be used for video as well as music-only playback. The iPod attaches via a tilting iPod dock, and the unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery which provides up to five hours of power.

Also included in the fold-up iFlip is S-video out, line out, dual headphone jacks, and an on-screen menu system. The $200 iFlip is expected to start shipping in September and will be available in black or white.

This looks like a great accessory for people who frequently watch iPod videos in airplanes or trains. Also a nice tool for salespeople and others who need to show promotional videos or slideshows to clients. Here’s hoping its performance is as good as its looks.

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