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It’s been a week since the Nike+iPod Sport Kit started shipping, and now that everyone has had some time to play with it, reviews are starting to pop up everywhere. I’ll use this post to keep a up-to-date listing of the high-profile reviews in print, and on the web.

TIME Magazine “Gadget of the Week”
- By Wilson Rothman

“For a field already glutted with gadgets, the Nike + iPod kit is the most elegant of high-tech runner’s aids.”

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The Wall Street Journal
- By Walt Mossberg

“After a few runs or walks, instead of feeling like we were chugging along alone, we were suddenly running with a built-in coach who voiced encouragement every so often — or whenever we pressed the center button for an update of our progress. For us, this was a real benefit.”

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PC Magazine
- By Mike Cobrin

“The nikeplus.com site is remarkably easy to use and supports major browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. There are tons of features, and new ones will surely be added over time. It’s a fun way to motivate yourself to push your limits as much as you want to, with or without a competitive aspect.”

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USA Today
- By Edward C. Baig

“The clever kit may provide the inspiration required to get you off your duff.”

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- By Jeremy Horwitz

“A summary of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit should begin by acknowledging that it’s one of the companies’ most impressive accomplishments to date: a nearly seamless fusion of hardware, software, and footwear that will instantly appeal to any runner or power walker who likes Nike products, and even some who don’t.”

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CNET (with video)
- By James Kim

“The Nike + iPod Sport Kit may not be for everybody (certainly not for Adidas-sportin’ Creative fans), but the way the system works is pretty cool even from the sidelines.”

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Yahoo! Tech
- By Gina Huges

“I’ve been testing the Nike + iPod Sports Kit since last week, and so far I’m loving it.”

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Gina’s Follow-up:

“…One question that came to mind while working on the review, was the Nike + iPod Sport Kit’s ability to work with non-Nike shoes.

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  1. [...] Not sure how I missed this one, especially since the article points readers to my site, but there was another very positive review of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit by Eric Gwinn in last Thursday’s Chicago Tribune. I’ve added it to the Nike+iPod Review Roundup. [...]