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The folks over at Synthesis Studios’ Whiteboard have been documenting their findings as they dismantle and analyze the Nike+iPod Sport Kit hardware. They’ve already disproven one of my early guesses about the transmitter; there is no seam on the top, it’s a solid piece of orange plastic with a white sticker inset. They’ve also observed that the side seam is welded together, which probably means the transmitter is a little more water-resistant than many of us initially thought.

Their second post in the ongoing series focusses on the iPod receiver, and some of the secrets it holds. Especially interesting is their discovery that the chip inside is actually a 2.4GHz GFSK transceiver — which means that it has the potential to someday transmit data to other devices. Great find!

iPod Sport Teardown, Part I

iPod Sport Teardown, Part II

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  1. [...] Picking up where Synthesis Studios left off, EETimes has posted a detailed look at the Nike+iPod Sport Kit’s internal components, and their findings reveal some very clever — and very surprising — engineering inside. [...]